SPEEDFORNEED Sprints & Silly Green Stretchy Bands at Governator


Without having any crying babies at home (well, maybe BelAir’s oopsie was tearful), 11 men got up, sleepwalked to their cars (Fishwrap sleep-ran straight to the workout), and drove to a dark and scary Carmel Park to push a couple of man-strollers for 45min in the wonderful humidity of Charlotte.  It was a great morning.  Where else can you see grown men wanting to ride in an oversize speed stroller, or see the Asian guy RIDING in the rickshaw, or even play with green silly bands. Yup, only at a JRR Tolkien Q.

The Thang

Silent Bob and YHC show up at 0500 to take the newest SPEEDFORNEED racing chair #BLUE on a test run, before the main event at 0530.  We flipped on the pink/purple LED lights on both chariots wheel-covers, and were off.  It was disgustingly cute.  It was like a mini- Disneyworld light parade, without the princesses, music, or fans watching.

Main Event: mosey over to Church at Charlotte Parking Lot, butt kickers, high knees, karaoke both sides, and watch and see if whoever was pushing the chairs would actually do karaoke while pushing the chairs #answerisYES #totallyunsafe.  Circle up for some token warmups SSH / IW.  Then hit it hard with a single set of 31 merkins in different positions (5 regular / 5 wide / 5 diamond / 5 right hand forward / 5 left hand forward / 3 right leg high / 3 left leg high).  Mosey across Church at Charlotte across Colony to Castellaine Drive, a double dead end street, with a mildly hilly gradient, for some chariot sprints. Perform exercise at top and bottom of the hill (green band tension extension exercises and American hammers) until everyone pushes racing chair AYG uphill once and back down. 6X total.  Head back to Church at Charlotte campus to the tall retaining wall facing tennis courts . More questionable green band exercises on the wall (dips, leg extensions, hip slapper), then sprint down to the end of the parking lot, and sprint back up 4X until everyone got a chance to push the chair, which may or may not have had a schweatty dude sitting in it.  Fishwrap with the reverse rickshaw pushing Tolkien up the hill to wrap up the workout.  Mosey back to launch for COT, and YHC with yet another awe inspiring and poetic takeout. Customary photo for inclusion in another epic SPEEDFORNEED video, and FINITO! Off to work, home, or wherever you came from.

Nekkid Moley

Apologies for the semi-delayed backblast, but technical issues getting up and running on the technology of the new Metro website…. Hard to believe, but it’s true (YHC also not great at washing clothes, but does excel at taking photos and mathematics).  The website’s also firewalled at work, which means that my Twitter usage will have to uptick to make up for this garbage.  Be glad this backblast is already 167X longer than Starbucks (if you can call that a BB).  Anyway, thanks fellas for coming out this morning… speedy group all day.  Nabisco couldn’t be caught on the sprints pushing the racing chair.  Belair took the invite off the run slow to run fast MAF GroupMe Channel which is on life-support, posted, and captured a few crowns on the newly created downhill and uphill Strava segments for Castellaine UP and DOWN, mostly because Fish doesn’t believe in releasing his activities publicly on Strava #scoreboard #whocares.  Silent Bob didn’t have much to say during the workout, but plenty once we took the group photo. Something to the tune of me asking permission for use of his image on social media sites.  We all look the same? Y’all look the same… especially at 5am.  It could easily be another “good looking” white guy, there are a few of them in F3, like 15,999 per OBT’s Tweet.  So if you think it’s a unsanctioned picture of you on Twitter, the answer is it’s someone else. Enjoyed it men, it was a pleasure to lead, and have a great rest of the week!


  • Thanks fellas for your continued support for SPEEDFORNEED and having excitement over this initiative.  Special thanks to Silent Bob for the invite, and Rock for letting me bump him off of his scheduled Q. The SFN race schedule can be found on www.F3SpeedForNeed (thanks Uncle for the help) but we’ll be at F3 Dads Camp next!
  • Lots of worthy causes out there supported by F3 Nation or others, 24 Hours of Booty is certainly one of them. Support a man riding through cheering them on, coming to the block party at Haywood’s house, or donating some coin.  Hey, and if you don’t want to donate to 24hrs of Booty, SPEEDFORNEED will certainly help take some greenbacks off your hands to buy another chariot or two!www.crowdrise.com/f3sfn

SYITG ~ JRR Tolkien

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  • July 21, 2017 at 7:33 pm

    Tclaps on the Q and, more importantly, on being a world-class #HIM by leading the Speed for Need efforts. You’re welcome back anytime (as is the Nantan).

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