Solo Co-Q

Summer days in the QC start off hot and just get hotter. Throw in 60 minutes of a 1st F get together and a guy might actually start sweating. Well today was no different. Sometime about  the 3 minute mark YHC’s new ice cool Under Armor boxers threw in the proverbial towel and it was, to quote Pete, time for some Schweddy Balls.

Here’s what we did to make this happen.

COP: Plank it up and right hand to right ankle, right arm high, left arm high. Flap jack on left side.

IC 15 SSH and IW then slow count Merkins to 10.

Mosey to picnic tables. 12 squats, 12 derkins, 12 dips, 12 double crunch. Then 11…to 1.

Mosey to playground. Plank for 60 seconds, then 10 split squats R/L. R&R for 3 rounds.

Pick up bells and mosey to deck.

Burpee suicides. Run two parking spaces up, then back one. Burpee. R&R to top of first ramp.

Reverse and go down three parking spaces, back up two. Burpee to bottom of ramp.

BLIMPS on Ramps. Run up to first level 5 Burpees. Run to next level 10 Lunges each leg. Next level 15 IW. Next 20 Merkins, Next 25 Plankjacks. Next 30 Squats. Down stairs and R&R.

Back at bottom for 7’s of Donkey Kicks and KB swings. 1 DK, 1 KBS, 2 DK, 2 KBS up to 7.

Back to shady grass spot for COT.

Awesome takeout by Rev.



All star All Respect crew this am. The true backbone of Core showed up and played hard. Nice work old guys!!!

Somewhere around 0745 Meatball started asking about when were we going to do the Breaststroke. Not sure if this was the heat or the humidity.

Hoedown stopped talking for a 45 second period during the downhill portion of the Burpee suicides. Not sure what happened there and Hasselhoff almost ran to the lifeguard stand to get one of those red pointy buoy things. Fortunately HD came around and no CPR or AED was required. Close call though.

Rev was quiet for the most part. Said he sprained his voicebox building a fence. Something about how nobody listens to him and his crew puts safety ahead of production. Or was it that it’s safe to listen and nobody produces? Not sure.

Bandit was a little jumpy this morning. Said he didn’t sleep well. Had a nightmare about his daughters painting him into a corner and getting paint all over his favorite white shirt. When he told us that his daughters were painting their rooms florescent orange and yellow, it all started to make sense. Hmmm.

Rocketman. Out. Front. All Day. Nuff said. He just looked back and said “glad M&M ain’t here!”



Haywoodstock is Friday 7.28.17 at corner of Bucknell and Queens Rd west. From 6 ish on into the night. Stop by for some BBQ, beer, bluegrass, best view of 24 hours of Booty and chance to donate to F3F, 24 Hours of Booty or both. Dig Deep and help others.

Core 5 year anniversary workout is 8.12.17. Celebrity Q’s on board. MPTS 0700.

Sign Up to Q a workout. It’s fun and you get to make up a bunch of stuff I the BB.

Special thanks and apologies to Skoal Bandit. YHC headlocked Bandit to co=Q and then hijacked the whole thing. Cobains SB.


Thanks for coming and putting up with YHC’s nonsense.

C you real soon. Y because we love you. DOREMI



Summertime (When I’m With You)   The Mavericks

Summer in the City       The Lovin’ Spoonful

Summertime Blues         The Who

Hot Fun in the Summertime   Sly & the Family Stone

Those Lazy, Crazy, Hazy Days of Summer   Nat King Cole

In teh Summertime     Mungo Jerry

Carolina Girls      General Johnson & the Chairmen of the Board

Summertime       DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince

Summer    War

Mrs Grace       The Tymes

Living in the USA              Steve Miller Band

Under the Boardwalk        The Drifters

Summer Nights    John Travolta and Olivia Newton John

Lovely Day     Bill Withers

The Boys of Summer          Don Henley

Summer of ’69           Bryan Adam

Surfin’ USA                 The Beach Boys

All Summer Long     Kid Rock

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