Saturday Delivery- Today’s Bastion Theme

19 Men went to Bastion this morning for a mid summer leg day to Prep for the BRR.  Here’s how it went down:

Circle up at the lot, bw run up St Gabes hill for side to side, Carioca and warmups at the top.  A few late shows brought us back down to the lot to circle up.

31 SSH

20 Merkins

20 MountainClimbers

Continued warm up heading north up Providence to Andover.  At Andover Plank and..

7 Plankjax

Over to Ansley for Q’s choice Medicine Balls from the driveway.

Partner up and Hills.

50% up the Hill 2x while Partner Squats With Med Ball, Flapjack

75% up the Hill 2x while Partner Squats With Med Ball overhead, Flapjack

100% up the Hill 2x while Partner Squats with Med Ball in front

Break for LBCs, 40 of them OYO.

Break for Freddie Mercury, 49 of them OYO.

Partner 1 Bearcrawl, Partner 2 Lunge for 5 paces back to Med ball deposit.

Deposit medball, backup the hill, flapjack at Cornell and up to Ferncliff.

20 Heels to Heaven, drop to 45 for 10 count then 10 degrees for 10 count

13 Squatjax at Ferncliff

Mosey up to Providence for United methodist for 20 Dolly’s. Then Side to Side.

Over to Home Base for Partners Chair, then 3x of stairs, 1 AYG Stairs.

Circle up.


Bambino found his privacy and came out clean according to the upwind pax.

If you live near Boba Fett he’s got your every move covered, and a profiler no one can match.  From afar he picked out the activity in someones house and garage for a trip to the airport.  He was right.

Senor Chips is fresh off the Birthday tour of Europe and going strong.  Left the Beret at home this am.

You are all free to use those Med Balls. Rev has, a great core workout.

The air was heavy this am and the Pax was tired, a good refreshing sign of summer.

Bullwinke kills it on Trivia. He was the first to recognize that a 31 year old took the helm as CEO of a Company in 1775 that now has 700k employees, and average per unit income of 49Cents, the US Postal Service.  USPS celebrated its Anniversary yesterday, igniting the debate for this pax.  Sorry folks I didn’t have the guts to do 700k of anything so 7 plankjax had to be the answer.

So if you deliver 40% of the worlds mail already why Saturday Delivery?  My mailman Bubba wants his weekends back.


Theres a bikerace in Charlotte this week, for a great cause- congrats in advance to Booty and team for rallying against Cancer

The Party is on Queens, look for the F3 Flag

Hollins with the takeout

Thanks for the opportunity to lead a solid crew today





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