get shown the light

16 showed for some P2W fun-n-gun this AM.  Here’s what you meatheads missed:

The drill:

Quick mosey to the Muthaship, stop once for merkins (20)

To the top, COP with merkins (20), flutter (30), dolly (30)

Down to the bottom and back up, COP with plankjacks (20), Russian twist (20), knee-ups (20)

Down to the bottom, merkins (20), run ramps to top with HR merkins (10) at top of each ramp

Flutter (20), Boone LBCs (20R, 20L), down to bottom

Quick mosey back to Dowd Y, collect Six halfway with plankorama and TML’s 6-in hold’em heII

COT (Thanks, Caesar, for the takeout!)


Color commentary:

Another gift of a morning w/ some slightly cooler temps.  Tons of speed out there with Narc and Maverick holding court.  Caesar dominated the ramp run, TML contending as well.  Freshly minted 21yr-old Maverick will be missed (back to Annapolis tmrw) – perhaps FBall or FWrap will give Narc a run once marathon training’s over.  Felt like the rest of us had our moments and got in a day’s worth of merkins.  Welcome to FNG Stroke (Scott Ortlip), native Charlottean and former rower at Dartmouth.  Stroke is strong and fast, and was eagerly planning Tuesday posting plans.  Also welcome to Fracsac from NoLa and P2W FNG Grinder from Meca.  Both represented very well, and I expect to see Grinder back down with Frodo many times in the future.  Lastly, good to see Hopwood back after a heavy travel/work schedule the past month or so.  Dredd warned me that P2W had gotten faster and faster the past few weeks – that was no lie.  All this BRR training skews the field a bit with guys all over the place, but my money’s on P2W retaining the show-what-you-got title once schedules normalize in a month or so.  Thanks, Foul Ball for giving me the reins for the day, and thanks to the men who posted and left it all out there this morning.  Aye.



– Keep Missing De and his son in your prayers (heart surgery in August).

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