Midwood Backblast: Papillon spreads his wings

Posted by Pipeline on behalf of Papillon

Papillon emerged from the Pax cocoon on Saturday and spread his wings for his Virgin Q.

It went like this:
30 SSH
30 Imperial Walk
30 Skating lunge jump
30 Jump squats
30 Russian twists
30 scissor kick crunch
Run loop
Team up find a partner
Three sets:
Partner A
30 Dips
15 Peter Parker merkins
20 Plank jacks
15  Derkins Partner B
Run park loop
Two sets
Partner A
A.10 Box Jump burpees
B.20 LBS
C.20 180 Deg Side Jump squats
D.10 incline rope Pull-ups
D.10 Diamond Merkins
Partner B
Run Park Loop
Take-out by Shrinkage


Solid Q by Papillon.  Couple new exercises we’ve never done at Midwood.   SpiderMan push-ups (Peter Parker Merkins, I suppose) were a crowd-pleaser.

Papillon EH’d an FNG for his Virgin Q; great way to ensure there’s actually someone there to lead.  Welcome FNG John (Squeaky), who drove in from Stallings for the Post.




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