True to my word

On Monday at Diamondhead, Nibs approached YHC to ask when YHC was next scheduled to Q (Note: Nibs loves YHC’s Qs, probably because YHC is an easy target for Nibs’ mumblechatter).  When YHC replied “Bastion, this Thursday,” THE Nibbler first smiled like a Cheshire cat and then requested that YHC keep the running to a reasonable amount if YHC “knows how to do that.”  With that gauntlet thrown, YHC joined Nibs and 15 other Pax in the gloom for the best Thursday bootcamp in all of the Lukewarm Corridor.

The Thang – Extra Credit

– With site Q Hollins DR enjoying a little beach vacation, YHC flew solo for the EC part of this morning’s program.  Just in case anyone cares what YHC did (now cause they sure as hell didn’t at 5:15 this morning), here goes:

Mosey to the Hot Box and grab a coupon for some stacks:

Stack 1: 10 coupon swings (like a KB swing, but with a wider stance to avoid the possibility of injuring the #Justifier), then run to the far wall & back

Stack 2: Add 10 coupon curls

Stack 3: Add 10 overhead coupon

Stack 4: Add 10 goblet squats

Stack 5: Remove the goblet squats from Stack 4

etc, etc…

– Mosey back to pick up the Pax

The Thang – What Everyone Else Did with YHC

– Give Nationwide 30 seconds or so to tie his shoes (safety first!), then mosey down Providence to the front door of Trinity Pres for COP:

SSH x16

Flutters x10

Merkins x10

Dolly x10

Diamonds x10

Rosalita x10

Wide Arm Merkins x10

– Mosey to the corner of Rutledge & Providence

– Run from Providence to Randolph with 6 stops for increasing counts of merkins and squats at each intersection: 5, 10… 30 at Randolph

– Mosey to Montclair, then left on Chandler Place and down to the cul-de-sac

– Megaburpee ladder from 1 to 5 up Chandler to Montclair with alternating bear crawl + crab walk and lunge walks around the cul-de-sac (or at least 2/3 of it for most Pax)

– Regroup with some LBCs led by Panda, then oblique crunches led by YHC

– Mosey up Chandler, left on Montclair with a pause at the intersection with Robin for 10x Russian Twist (IC)

– Mosey back to St. Gabe’s by way of the Trinity Pres driveway

– Close with 5 burpees oyo

Naked Man Moleskine

– Bastion always brings out a great group of guys, and this week’s edition was no exception.  YHC doesn’t make it to any of the boot camps along the Lukewarm Corridor with the regularity that YHC probably should (a fact that Chowda was quick to point out to YHC on the mosey over to Trinity Pres), but am always glad when YHC does post at any of the 3 workouts in the area

– With the BRR only 5 weeks away, it pained YHC a bit to cut back the total distance.  That said, a promise is a promise, even when one makes it to THE Nibbler during a moment of O2 deprivation following a workout.  In addition, sometimes the Pax are posting at a boot camp because they want a boot camp beatdown.  On Thursdays, when the alternative include Sweet Six and Pick 6, it seemed like the right thing to do

– Lots of Larry Birds out there – too many to remember, though Chalet and Sauerkraut seemed to be flying

– YHC visited the Hot Box for EC and quickly realized that conditions were suboptimal for taking the Pax there for much, if any, of the main event.  Pax neglected to thank YHC

– That was some smooooth pavement on Rutledge.  It was readily apparent to YHC where the city’s tax dollars are going right now

– Lots of NSFW chatter likely inspired by Bambino’s, um, unique mustache.  Apparently, Panda had a problem with holding six inches.  Given that this trouble occurred after a long discussion about the role of a “fluffer”, YHC will leave it to the Pax’ imagination as to what was going on

– Major tclaps to Grizzly for helping the Pax rehydrate during COT


– Yesterday was Panda’s grandmother’s 101st birthday, which has nothing to do with F3 but is pretty doggone impressive nonetheless

– GIVE2GIVE is in full swing.  If you’ve not given, what are you waiting for?  We can all spare some money to repay F3 all that it’s given us – free of charge, no less!  Link is here to give:

– While you’re getting involved in giving back, sign up for one of the upcoming Speed for Need races.  The Greek Fest 5K on August 26 will be your next opportunity.  YHC will be there with my 2.0, who will be running his first 5K because he thinks it’s awesome that F3 guys are giving kids his age  who can’t run on their own the opportunity to get out there and race.  Details here:

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  It was a pleasure as always.

God bless,


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  • August 4, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    Thanks for the SFN plug SB. Hope to see you guys at Greekfest.

    We have a very special track commander Jake being pushed by three F3 #HIM Ice9, Gandalf, and Maybe and another special rider TBD. Come support as racer or spectator!

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