Timing…is everything

8 men found out the importance of timing.  As the quote says: timing is everything, so with that 8 took off to experience a nicer, more inventive Marv, which meant while the mileage was low the effort wasn’t.

The Thang:
Circle up outside of Charlotte Rescue Mission and warm up.
SSH X 15, Merkins X10, Plank Jacks X 15, Imperial Walkers X10, LBC X15.
Lunge Walk until the end of the block, Calf raises (AKA Marv rehab for the 6).
Mosey to the Panther’s practice field; more merkins, Copper-Head Squats.
Mosey to Keep Pounding Wall; People’s Chair for the 6.  Heels to Heaven, Wall Planks.
Mosey to BOA bike ramps: Rail Planks (for the 6), Supine Pull-ups, Oblique Crunches, Reverse Grip Supine Pullups, out of the sun and back to the wall.
People’s Chair 3x (1st Time with air-presses, 2nd time knees pulled in, last time alt. legs).  Donkey kicks during rest (10 OYO).
Mosey back to rail lines.  Find rock: 10 Goblet Squats, Triceps Ext, 10 Goblet Squats, Mosey to parking field.
Partner up: A) Does 3 burpess and chases partner B.  Partner B Bear Crawls until caught, and then Flap-Jack.  50 yards.  Backwards run to pick up speaker.
Mosey to CRM wall.  People’s Chair for the 6.  LBC’s.
“Sally” Merkin workout.  (“Flower” by Moby, start in plank position, whenever the word up is mention push up, down, descend…you get it.  It’s a long song that way).
Box Cutter, Reverse Box Cutter, Flutter, Dying Cockroach.

After oversleeping last week, YHC received a text 15 minutes until the workout started saying the other Co-Site Q (who shall remain nameless) wouldn’t make it (something about Family and having to spend time with them.  I mean man what a lucky guy).  Also there’s no Q, so YHC should wrangle someone.
Not sure if that meant the Marv-dar (aka Marv is Q’ing radar )was up but numbers were a little less than usually.  YHC won’t complain, because this smaller group got straight to work, and no complaints about how YHC almost always kills them.
So with the GF’s speaker in tow, YHC set out to create a more upbeat, and positive workout.  Venom liked the change of pace, Wolverine was showing speed all morning, and Rag-doll Patriot whipped out the cross-fit practice for the weight portion. Carrier kept the 6 in line and pushing through, until YHC inexplicably set us up for “Sally”.  Lots of men rose to the occasion until about 1/2 in when most of us realized well doing that 40 min. into a work out, not so smart.  YHC thinks only Monkey Feet completed the whole song, but could be mistaken as maybe more completed it.
Was awesome to be back out with the PAX, as YHC continues to go through the healing process.  Probably still no “fast” workouts, but hopefully more CORE for YHC this week before school officially ramps up.
SY at the Net, or sometimes Q source…
PS we still need more guys to Q, so ask or sign up.

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