Sometimes you have to wait a few days for the really great backblasts. Sometimes you have to wait for one like this.

Milk, who is more than ready to Q workouts, asked about the rules and if there is a list of exercises we can use. As far as rules go, all I could think to offer is to start on time, end on time, don’t leave anyone behind.


With that said, we started on time and did the following:

Ran 2 laps around the parking lot to get warm.

15 squats

25 ssh

25 mountain climbers

20 merkins


Pigskin doesn’t like it when you mess with the beginning of a workout. Workouts start with side straddle hops and that’s the way it is.  “You want the rules of Q-ing a workout?” he said in a voice that was an angry mix of Bobby Knight, John Wayne, and Patton, “you start workouts with side straddle hops!”


We didn’t and there was nothing anyone could do about it now. We headed out of the parking lot and took a left down Colville to Eastover, stopping at Hempstead for some plank work.  Plank, six inches, regular, six inches, regular, six inches, and so on.


At Eastover we did 11’s. At the bottom of the hill do Molotov Merkins and at the top do frogblasts.


Frogblast: Start in the plank position, jump your feet up to squat position like in a burpee, press up into 3 squat pulses (1/4 squat to 3/4 squat range of motion)


The early finishers were to start a Jacob’s Ladder up the other direction on Eastover, but nobody got that far. With about 6 minutes left in the workout we headed back to the parking lot stopping for some Mary to regroup along the way.


Fry Daddy commented on the air Pigskin was getting on his Molotov Merkins. He was still mad about not starting with SSH.


Great effort by all. Milk, K2, Wally, and Evil Scout burned that road up.  Awesome to see Chopsaw back out with us putting in the hard work.  Good to have you back brother!


Announcements: Whim’s church is hosting a 5K at McAlpine on 9/24. Last Saturday’s co-Q at MIP with YHC and Countdown was a big success.


Thanks for the takeout Whim.

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