Hotter than the HotBox

14 Pax gathered in the soupy humid gloom to sling KB Iron

Mosey to Bulldog Temple


SSH, IW, Merkins Halos, Figure Eights, Arm Stretch

First Set

Goblet Squats 10
Push Press 10 R & 10L
Then down 8 reps, 6 reps, 4reps, 2 reps
then head over to wall 10 donkey kicks
Plank hold for a little extra

2Handed Swings 10
Clean Pulls 10R & 10L
down 8reps, 6reps, 4 reps, 2 reps
donkey Kicks

Sauna break…head out rain cool off

Snatches 10L & 10R
2 handed swings 10
8reps,6 reps, 4reps, 2 reps
donkey kicks

Lunge Walk Wall and Back

Flutter with KB over your head
30 LBCs

1handed Swings 10R/10L
Goblet Squats 10


10 2handed Swings
10 Deadlifts until clock expires



Naked Man Moleskine

  • Hitman in the House  #Enoughsaid Love that Chapel Hill grad. Adds to the quality MumbleChatter, called BS on some early Pax finishing on the 1st round #Qfail I like it Hitman,  call it as you see it  #newsheriffintown   #?posedlastweekDidCougarjoinFIA #focusonform
  • GAAP honored his HC after an UA at BlackWidow, GAAP been DR with his father in Baltimore as he was in the hospital. #prayersforPoppaGAAP
  • BRR affects Diamondhead too. We have a lot of DH PAX going for it on Sept 8-9, Its go time!  The Swings and exercises today are the best swings to help aid long distance running,  Cross Training….Yes the Snatch,Goblet Squats, 2H & 1H swings, clean pulls all concentrate focus use of your abdominal muscles and require proper hip hinge strengthen your running ab/core.  #GotimeBRR
  • DH moved into the Bulldog Temple today. Heavy lifting and Breathing on top of the soupy humidity made it hotter than the hotbox. #F$$k..itwassteamy #properrainbreaksquelloverheating  #itstank
  • The Q schedule is open. Yes, the signUp genius has been shutdown. DH cannot rest on the good fortune. A workout is always in an evolving state. DH has had very great success directly comes from and having the good fortune the DH PAX step up and lead. However, SUGenius must be managed and preemptive steps taken to keep it from becoming old and stale. Recently it seems the tool that is supposed to help has been excluding and taking away opportunities for new pax to Q or from having a guest pax come share their skills with DH.  Very Simply for DH to continue to succeed, Our best Qs must come from within. When your primary tool is the primary object eliminating the opportunity to Q, then a change is warranted. First benefit came last week with Hoover’s first DH and most excellent Q.  We are grooming and excited to have newer pax who loyally attend DH on the upcoming schedule too, Wahoo on the 21st, Crystal on the 28th and Turntable on Sept 18th. Sump back on the calendar Oct 2nd. Complacency kills a workout fast. Yes the Q schedule is open and we will tap on shoulders and reach out to you. You can also reach out too.

Thats all I got tonight Boys. I love DH and I love the PAX and their personalities who keep DH lively. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to lead. I love the Pax who come to DH for a simple reason, 1)to push themselves beyond their thresholds, 2) to share in high quality fellowship that allows the PAX to push their threshold even further. #farmboystrong


Keep Pushing the Envelope Boys, Watch It Bend



First Post 6/1/2013 Cherokee

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