standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams

15 Faithful showed up for another round of HorseyMcHorseFace.  Here’s what went down:

The Drill:      

– Warmup mosey from Old Bell to top of Blue Ridge

– OYO loops of Mountain View/Wilby with backwards yucca ascent each loop

– Pledge and mosey back to gravel lot

– COT (Great takeout from Disney.  Thank you, Brother.)

Color Commentary:

Less than 5 weeks away from BRR.  Would’ve guessed we’d have had more than 15 this morning, but it didn’t make a bit of difference.  Effort abounded.  The plan was a bit challenged creatively, but hopefully sufficient.  Late yesterday ran into the godfather of Horsey, the aging Tiger Rag with his gimpy calf, and he affirmed what’d been kicking around in the noggin for the past week or so – use the hills and keep the hands off the ground.  And of course the pledge.  With the inexplicable neon green spiral. Leaders got 7 loops, think everybody got at least 6, and including the mosey from/to the lot, total mileage was nearly 8.  Seems like every time we (try to) run with Rachel it takes the better part of a day to recover.  Stronger as time goes on.  Nabisco and Chin Music (temporary bio break) were right behind.  Thin Slice was a late arrival, and I didn’t see Slimjack at the start, but both told me afterwards they were practicing their ‘kill’ count for the main event.  Not sure they actually passed anybody, definitely not Hollins, but trash talking takes practice too.  Chelms chided me for Metro’s weak BBs the past few weeks (hello, Lee?), and unfortunately I suspect this POS will get thrown into the trash heap as well.  But not many of us can compete with a steamy drama from Slaughter or one of those clockwork orange, fringe-culture-referencing oddities from Fishwrap.  Most folks never had that much fun, and some gotta work.  Thin Mint and Rachel have the Q in the coming weeks, so counting on the A51 guys (or is it just South Charlotte from now on?) to finish strong with adequate BBs.  One more thing before I’m out.  Took my 15-yr old daughter and her close friend to PGA practice round this morning.  Both of them wore age-appropriate dresses (I’m reluctantly coming to grips with what that means), though neither were your standard ‘golf attire’.  Let me just say that you become intensely aware of the visual habits of men in these situations.  So, a lot of takeaways, including: (1) all men (15 to 85yr olds) have the same instincts; (2) apparently we’re not aware of our own eyes; (3) my hulking presence did little to deter anyone!, and (4) be thankful that F3 is a men’s only organization that emphasizes (and demands an ongoing reassessment of our own) self-control, discipline, proper respect for women, and definition of genuine masculinity.  I’m thinking we still have lots of opportunities to impact men, even in the CLT.  OK, I’ll stop preaching.  Thanks again, Chelms, for the opportunity to Q this morning and for the men who posted.  Aye.


– Please continue to lift up Missing De’s son who had heart surgery this morning.  We’re all praying for a quick and full recovery.

– Let’s continue to raise funds to support further growth of F3 across the nation – Give2Give Campaign.

One thought on “standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams

  • August 7, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    This BB is better than Lee’s (for what that’s worth) and not even in the bottom 5. Maybe up for debate with co-site Q but I think better than FW’s (let’s be honest – he mailed it in). Plus, this is a dictatorship since Prohibition has been half -assing it and thus my vote is the only one that counts (I can send my routing number if you want to up your score).

    However, points are deducted because it’s “Arse” and not “Face”. I’m grading generously at B- (that is above POS) and more likely C+. So we have Lee (absent), FW (mailed it in), Thin Slice (solid effort), Stinger (C+/B-) setting the bar really low (do I need to invite Cindy to Q next year). Maybe the Area51 young guns (Rachel, Thin Mint, and Ickey) can raise the bar. Otherwise, I’ll be summarily dismissed as site Q (which is not really a bad thing).

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