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5:15 – extra credit – according to Bambino “I got her too early and Toga was staring at me and wouldn’t let me just sit peacefully in my car!”  So what’d you guys do?  “We ran around, some over there and then over there”…Bambino is an accountant, not a novelist.

5:30 – Parnter up (save for later) and off we go, around your elbow to the fly wheel parking lot and circle up for some warm-up (ssh’s, merkins, squats – that I called dips all morning). Then off we go (Nibs started his BF is leading from the back, rode that all damn morning)! Mosey to the loop of Audubon and Ferncliff, partner 1 goes Ferncliff partner 2 goes Audubon and meets back at start for 16 hand-slap merkins and 20 dips (aka squats). 4 rounds. Yes, 4…keep going!

Mary until the 6 arrives, then off to the Hotbox. 4 rounds (Grizz did 5) of 5 pull-ups, run to other end and 10 hip-slappers. Mosey back to church for COT.  4.29 miles in the books!

NM – What a surprise to see Bambino (sans stache) running w Toga when I showed up at 5:22. They seemed to be aimlessly running around Trinity Pres like they were looking for a lost dog.

Was really cool to see some to see several walk up out of the dark this morning – Booty, hasn’t done an F3 workout since last year’s BRR.  Ice 9 has been on the DL for 4 months.  Beakah drives up with stickers on his luggage rack from all 50 states and the biggest ball of yarn exhibit.  Flutie came in from some place called ‘new hamphire’ whatever that is…but he posts in Cotswold?  Great to see the regulars too (even Nibs, yes you are a regular now)!

Seious part – I’m not going to get all Fishwrap, because I’m not good at being Fishwrap.  But F3 is pretty darn special to me…started it four years ago when my oldest daughter started high school, now she’s off to college.  In some way F3 links me to her and those stages she leaving and entering.  FW could def say it better…but thanks for having me boys, I truly appreciate the gift!

Thanks to Big Worm and Grizz for the opportunity to run the show this morning…and thank you Ice 9, for the take out you summed it well brother!

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