It never rains on Fortitude…again

God Blessed with us another dry patch from 5:00 – 7:00 a.m. this morning.    Great to see Harbaugh joining us on his day off from work!

The Thang:


SSH: 20;; IW: 20; WM: 10; Copperhead Squat: 20

Mosey to U-Haul (in cadence): 10 step-ups each leg 10 dips Repeat

Mosey to Bridge: People’s Chair with “Wax on, wax off” Alternate

Mosey to base of Ashby St. and Tryon: 11s Plank-Jacks at top, SSH at bottom

Mosey to Bridge: People’s Chair with “Paint the fence” Alternate Arms

Mosey to Rock Pit: Curls for the Girls; Overhead Press; Skull Crushers. (Switch Rocks) Curls for the Girls

Mosey to U-Haul for Mary: Freddie Mercury, Rosalita, J-Lo, Superman

Mosey back to Shelter for COT.


  • Ice Cream Socials following Dinner at Men’s Shelter to promote Fortitude workout  Monday 8/14, 7:00 PM at Tryon location; Monday 8/21, 7:30 PM at Statesville Ave. Email Pipeline at for details.
  • Lunge Walk on Saturday (9/9) to support Good Soles, a non-profit started by Charlotteean Jeremy Coffey that purchases and donates steel-toed work boots to Men at the Men’s Shelter.   Lunge walk (or walk) 1 mile from Shelter to NoDa Brewery for celebration and Band and Brew.  Entry fee is a pair of work boots or equivalent cost ($25).

Take-out by Slaughter, with a few additions from Pax.



Kudos to Snoop and Slaughter for their Monday night recruiting trip; netted 3 FNGs.

Welcome FNG Willie “Snowshoes” (needs a size 13); FNG George “Worldwide” (experienced engineer who has worked on projects all over the world; looking for an engineering gig in Charlotte); FNG BR “Hitch” (hard-working ladies man, in his humble opinion).

Redgrave stopped by to say Hello; his ribs have healed and he hopes to be back out there next week.

16th Street Mural looks nice.   Plenty of time to observe the handiwork during the People’s Chair.  Fortunately, the paint dried before we got there.

Thanks to Jedi for cups and ice for coffeteria.



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