Hopebuilders 5K #SpeedforNeed Pre-Blast – Don’t Miss Out!

On October 14, F3 and FiA will converge to support #SpeedforNeed and Levine Children’s Hospital at the Hopebuilder’s 5K.

When: Saturday, October 14th. The race walk starts at 8:00 am. The run (led by our 4 chariots and a bazillion shovel flags) starts at 8:05 am.

Where: On the campus of Carolinas Medical Center (1000 Blythe Boulevard, Charlotte NC 28203)

What: A 5K in our own backyard, where we will support the mission of Speed for Need (www.f3speedforneed.com) and Levine Children’s Hospital

How: Go to http://www.Hopebuilders5K.org/ – On the main menu, select “Join a Team” — IGNORE the company drop down. Instead, type F3 in the “Team Name” search box – Click “Search for a Team – when the F3/FiA team name shows up, click “JOIN” over to the right, and complete the rest of the registration. For the $2 Freeloader discount, enter “fit” in the discount code field.

If you’d like a sweet Speed for Need shirt – Sportek kids and adults; New Balance singlets (i.e., tank tops), all $20 — let Egypt know and he’ll grab some from Tolkien’s car.

Why? By now you’ve seen the photo below, of F3 banding together as Nash piloted his son, Owen, through the American 4 Miler course just a few weeks ago. Check out the smile on Owen’s face. THIS organization is fulfilling its mission. And it’s FUN.

How (more): F3’s Tree Killer will be pushing his 14-year-old son, Jackson, who has Dup15q Syndrome. Egypt will push a to-be-determined young person in the other F3 chariot. Stringbean and her crew will push 2 chariots for FiA – we’re working with LCH to identify riders who are current patients for those.

So when we say this is going to be a big F3 and FiA deal, we mean it.

A big deal.

A don’t-miss-out-on-this-one sort of deal.

PS: If you’d like to donate to the Speed for Need cause, you can find more details on the Speed for Need site. Donations have allowed Speed for Need to purchase 4 racing chariots to date. (All will be represented at the Hopebuilders 5k!) Additional donations will go to buying two more chariots, enabling 6 riders to experience the camaraderie and joy of a race. Bring it on!



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