Substa-Q at the CHARGE

6 PAX and 1 FNG stood in the Providence parking lot, waiting for a Q to lead them.  Like a rubber band with tons of potential energy, we were ready to roll.  6AM…where’s the Q?  With no Q in site, YHC decided leadership had been thrust upon him.  “Follow me”, says I.  Here’s what you missed:

Run past the track down the street, whoops…there’s a fence so circle it up.


20Copperhead Squats



Run back to the parking lot since we just saw Pigskin pull in.

Down to the track

Don’t ogle too much at the super fast tomatoes

Partner 1 does a lap, partner 2 does a called exercise for a total of 4 laps per partner

Called exercises:






Wall sits with air presses X2

Balls to the wall with toe taps X2

Up to the bleachers for 7’s of Dercans and Squats

Run to the parking lot for some last minute stretching and looking for our 5&6



Tight group today.  Where and who was the Q?  No matter, always fun to step up and innovate/overcome…despite only having been there once.  This is rapidly becoming one of YHC’s favorite spots (no, not because of the tomatoes) because of the amazing track and field. Welcome FNG Pots…he works for a cell phone company so hence the plain old telephone system name.  Way to hang in there, it won’t get easier but you will get better.


Expansion can always use your help.

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