Core 5 Year Anniversary Preblast

Our story begins sometime in July of 2012

DRM: “Hello HQ, is there an F3 workout for old guys.”

HQ: “No we don’t do that. We are thinking about starting a workout that is low impact and has no running. Can you help”

DRM: “OK. I might be able to help.”

So, they fell right into YHC’s trap. Five years later Core has workouts seven, yeah seven days a week. Core has old guys and Core has running. It’s perfect. A scattered plan brilliantly executed with 100 or more pax posting each week. We also have fun with kids of all ages 7 to 77. Say what??

And according to Little W it’s not Dredd’s fault, not OBT’s fault, it’s the asphalt. That’s the hard part.

Come Saturday 8.12.17, Dredd, the Nant’an of F3 is going to visit The Core workout for his first time. Ever!! It’s been five years in the making so this will be a showstopper of a Q. Don’t miss the fun and festivities. Here’s what you will get:

A Free beatdown.

No ladies gawking at your guns.

You’ll be out in the beautiful fresh air and morning dew. And if it’s raining you’ll get wet

A site tour of Myers Park Traditional School fields, parking lots and playgrounds.

A COT to remember.

Please come help us celebrate!

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