No Pavers, No Problem

EC 5:15 Crew

1 lap around Randolph Middle stopping for 10 Hand Release Merkins in back parking lot

Disc Workout:

Repeat As Many Sets as Possible:

20 X Derkins

20 X Dips

20 X Jump Ups

20 X Hip Slappers

AYG Lap around the Loop

*Followed by: 6 inches hold & 30X Flutter in Cadence

5:30 Crew-The Thang

30 X Merkins in Cadence in Parking Lot

  • AYG to intersection of Sharon Amity & Water Oak and back to Randolph Middle Parking lot stopping @ each neighborhood street sign X 10 Hand Release Merkins
  • Hold 6 inches/Flutter X 20

Mosey to the Goshen Ocean

  • Bottom of Hill (10 Hand Release Merkins decreasing by one each rep to 5)
  • AYG to Middle of Hill (5 Burpees)
  • AYG to Top of Hill (30 LBC increasing by one each rep to 35)
  • AYG to Middle of Hill (5 Burpees)
  • AYG to Bottom of Hill
  • Repeat 5X

Randolph Track

  • AYG 5 X Laps (=1.25 Mile)
  • After 1st Lap X 20 Partner Merkins
  • After 2nd Lap X 15 Partner Merkins
  • After 3rd Lap X 10 Partner Merkins
  • After 4th Lap X 5 Partner Merkins
  • After 5th Lap Hold Plank/Plank Jack X 15

Randolph Fields -Belly Sprint to Half Field and Back/ Full Field and Back for Good Measure



  • It was a gorgeous, humid morning @ the Promo Stopping Grounds this morning where 15 men completed a medley of Promo exercises. From the Discs to the Intersection of Water Oak/Sharon Amity to the Goshen Ocean and back to the Randolph Track & Field.
  • S/O to Blue for corrupting Randolph Middle School local youngsters to sabotage our pavers and setting up a blockade at the entrance to Randolph thinking we wouldn’t have Promo this morning. #NiceTry #NotInOurHouse
  • No Pavers, No Problem! Still didn’t prevent the PAX of 15 faithful from getting after it.
  • There was not a whole lot of chatter this morning- strictly business. Same guys always in the front for most of the morning…especially Rhapsody, Stinger, and Red Fox whom all showcased their speed & strength in each of the events. Maradona as well.
  • Rhapsody is a beast… period. No further comments.
  • S/O to the EC guys in which included KC, Black Bear, and Foreclosure. The amount of respect I have for these men despite their age is substantial. I’m praying that I will look ½ as good as these men do, as time goes on. Not to mention, Black Bear also crushed the workout in sandals. #Respect
  • We lost KC for a second after the run to the end of Water Oak and back, but thankfully got him back. Rumors that he was going to the bathroom, but we honestly don’t know for sure. Must be an Arcadia thing I never picked up on, but who really knows for sure
  • Good to have Ice 9 back- always so impressed by his leadership and tenacity after returning from the IR. AYE- good to have you back brother!
  • Overall, great crowd this morning- everyone worked hard and it’s always an extraordinary honor to be around such a great group of business seasoned men, while showcasing faith, fitness, and fellowship.
  • Lastly, I want to thank Rhapsody and KC for their leadership as well as giving me the keys to Q the first workout I ever posted @ F3 in Prometheus. And a special S/O to Stinger for posting a different workout every day and always so humble when he crushes it each time. If you need someone to model your Q ability after- it’s definitely him.


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  • August 11, 2017 at 1:14 pm

    Great lead, Narc! Very thankful to have you in CLT and excited about all the ways you’re getting plugged into this community.

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