Octopus, Tiger, Deer, Eagle, Turtle, Frog, Swan, Shark…OH MY!

7 put on their ponchos to start the week and came to Prestige Worldwide..here is what went down..


Run to the greens and do 2 rounds of …. Sprinklers were on while it was raining…#GetSoaked

  • POD 1 – Burpee Broadjump
  • POD 2 – Bear Crawl
  • POD 3 – Lunge Walk
  • 10 Burpees, 15 Derkins, 25 Dips

To the ramp

  • A bunch of real Incline Merkins and Derkins —

To the top Catalyst Deck – 8 Floors

  • Jacobs Ladder to 7 – Xfit Pushups on Bottom and Burpees at the Top

Take the long way home down the ramps. Get back to the lot at 0620..


This backblast might be late and i may have been threatened by Foulball, but I didn’t know how to post on my own site. Lets go with that. #DraftStatus Actually, it takes time to create a masterpiece and I need to put out my best stuff for Gauntlet, I mean PWW.  This picture represents all of our faces (Dredd is Dorothy, Gandalf is the TinMan, and Frodo was the scarecrow) when we saw Hilary decide to go shirtless before the workout started, the back was not groomed and the gray hairs were long with a mind of there own. I think one was trying to sell me something. #ComeOnMan He didn’t care. At least Checkpoint waxes the arch around the neck. #Unique

We all got more soaked from the sprinklers than we did the rain, next time I’ll talk to the city about the sprinklers being on while its raining, but this time we got wet..Anyway, that all worked out pretty well until we got over to the deck and stuff started to heat up. You had an option to reduce the Jacob’s Ladder by one if you memorized the animals per floor the first-time up the deck. No one was able to recount them, there was even attempts at naming the animals in Spanish which were pathetic. We had 7 more tries to memorize all 7, did anyone do it? That is memorizing 1 animal per trip up the deck. I didn’t because I couldn’t breathe. Gandalf was clear winner on the jacob’s ladder, dude crushed the stairs. Bare-chested Hilary looked to come in second along with Frodo. Myself and Hopwood were pulling in the 6.

PWW needs to stay alive as the only Monday smokefest in Metro, even if we have to rename it to Gauntlet. No one wants to be sentenced to life at BHM, we need to do something about this. Seriously, access to Uptown and the Mothership is a big deal. Little baby Caeser has the Q next week, 50/50 chance that he shows up. 0/100 chance that he posts a backblast..#JustSettingExpectations

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  • August 10, 2017 at 10:42 am

    About time. We have a stellar track record of timely backblasts at PWW and we don’t need anyone screwing it up.

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