Rhinestone Cowboy

Weather for August 10th could not have been better.  Q moved out of his comfort zone bringing music to task to ease the pain – an eclectic mix of music and PAX made it all work.  Started off with a tribute to Glen Campbell with Rhinestone Cowboy.  Not sure all the PAX could relate.  This is what we did.

COP – 10 each of SSH, Mountain Climbers, Lunge, Reverse Lunge, Russian Twist (with bells) and Superman.  Chucky and Pigskin love that superman song.

Next, 11s of man-makers and LBCs (double count) each on one side of the parking lot.  When running from side to side stop in the middle and alternate between figure eights and military presses (10 each).

Partner up for catch me if you can to the tiered grass in front of the bandstand.  Partner 1 up the hill 1 burped then back down, Partner 2 tricep extensions – flap jack.  Alternate exercises with lawnmowers, presses, Greg Louganis.  Last run Partner 1 stops at each level for 5 plank jacks, Partner 2 Greg Louganis.  Flap jack.  Catch me if you can back to the start.

Finished up with some merry – LBCs, dying cockroach, dollys, 15 each.

CORE 5 year anniversary this Saturday, consider giving to LEAP.

RM took us out – thank you for this day!

Pleasure to Q this group of men – Aye!


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