Iron Sharpens Iron in the Steel City

The M’s family is from Pittsburgh so we made the drive up to celebrate Gram and Pap’s 70th wedding anniversary. #inspiration.   Knowing the weekend plans I was able to squeeze out 2 hrs of pre-dawn time on Friday to get a workout in. Two weeks ago I put the word out on Twitterworld to see if F3Pittsburgh had a Friday AO yet….negative ghostwriter. 3 months into the launch, they have Tues/Thurs/Sat with a solid 15-25 pax posting. Pretty good numbers for a 3 month old LEAP.    So I threw out the offer to Q a rogue Friday beatdown if any Pitts Pax memebers wanted to join me. I was humbled that 3 guys decided to join me at 0530 on the North Shore. Launch spot was the Roberto Clemente Statue (R.C.S) at PNC Park.

The Thang:

Warm up lap around PNC Park…stopping at the for a quick COP of SSH, LowSlowSquats, and Merkins.   Note: first attempt at a flying EH of a local runner eyeing us was unsuccessful but we got a mumbled response out of him, better than a straight ignore.

Down the steps under the 6th street bridge for the start of Jacobs Ladder. Up the steps to the R.C.S. for Burpee ladder up to 7…..Mary while we wait for the 6.

Run over the 6th street bridge and right towards Point State Park Fountain…stopping 3 times for Squats X10, Merkins X15, and LBCX20. Dips and Derkins X2 rounds on the fountain wall….and Mary while we prepare for the run back.

Ran back along the water to the first bridge (279) and took the pedestrian bridge back across the water to PNC Park and back to R.C.S stopping at 3 random spots for Squats, Merkins, and LBC’s. On the run back along the water we got a REVERSE flying EH…dude in black shirt with an F3 logo chased us down after seeing a group of 4 guys in black. Turns out said dude (aka Side Effects) was a former F3 NOLA pax member who now lives in the Midwest but was in Pitts for work.   Side Effect joined us for the last set of Mary and COT.


Great to be with the Pitts Pax. These guys are all new to F3 but already had that fire in their belly….it was refreshing to spend 45 minutes talking with these guys about life in the Burgh and how F3 is evolving, what their next steps are to expand, and how it’s impacting their lives. Great reminder of the impact F3 is making on men across the country.   The 3 local pax members made the trip from 10-25 miles away just to post with an out of towner…humbled and thankful for the opportunity to share F3 experiences and lead these men.

As we talked about their plans to expanded the lightbulb clicked for us at the end when we ran into Side Effect downtown. Right now there are 3 workouts in the suburbs and started from a church group…talked about creating a traveling AO to hit various popular spots in the city to post and show the F3 presence. Great opportunity to EH some new guys and expand to other parts of the city.

The count a bit different up here too….it’s not 10, 11, 12.…it’s One Zero, One One, One Two

The Pax:

  • Dusty (23yr old and about to start the Pitts Police Academy) is the future of this city….he’s going to be EH’ing guys while on Patrol.   Wonder if F3 stickers on police cruisers are acceptable marketing??
  • Vowels own a bi-tech startup in Pitt….who would have thought Pitt was a startup city. Regardless, he’s making things happen to grow this community
  • Leonardi (war daddy – 57) admitted his M “encouraged” him to make the special trip to post downtown with us. This guy has a lot of wisdom to share with the younger guys in the city. He’s a sewer engineer….keeping Pittsburgh clean and smell-free for the last 10 years.
  • Side Effects – dude works for a drug company…..great F3 name.
  • Redd Foxx – me

I’ve posted in other cities before, primarily Charleston but it’s a much different experience when posting in less established cities with newer F3 men. No wonder CR has so much energy to lead the Expansion efforts! So #Give2Give.  Do yourself a favor and look for opportunities to post with new paxs in new cities during your travels for work or vacation.

Vowels with a strong takeout.

Next time I come up here I fully expect workouts 7 days/week.

-Redd Foxx

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