A sort of… kind of… more than a… but basically a Murph

Razorback put out an SOS for a sub.  YHC has not Q’d anywhere in the Metro area in a real long time.  YHC is still pushing to get back to his fighting self, but felt a little rascally, so the challenge was accepted.

At 7am on the dot (missing a couple HC’s and one Double Eagle who must have been worried YHC would try to find a way to leave him somewhere) we hit the ground running amidst a cool 74 degrees and 99% humidity.


Mosey almost to rose garden.  Parking lot next to it for some COP action:

-5 burpees, SSH x 20, 5 burpees, Copperhead x 20, 5 burpees (Drone asks if this is going to be going on all day), Flutter x 20, aaaaand 5 burpees to boot.

Mosey back to lot, head fake a COT, down steps and to playground.

-Partner up, size and speed sort of kind of matter. Partner 1 runs up hill to parking lot for 5 burpees.  Partner 1 stays and does 10 pull ups and 20 sumo jump squats. 5 sets.  It was a bit sticky.

Mosey across Charlottetown to Memorial Stadium.  A little Mary waiting on 6.  Rocky Top asks what was next because there were some parking decks he wanted to run.

-Partners run opposite direction around stadium.  First time partners cross, 20 hand slap merkins, second time, 20 partner derkins.  This was the moment of the first Q fail.  As YHC and the rest of Partner 2 cohorts rounded the backside of the stadium, we were blocked by a large fence that Micro deemed impenetrable.  Drone said something about recon #figures.  Oswald said the city council must be moving forward in the plans for MLS, since they always get what they want.  YHC said at least I didn’t lose anyone.   Back to it, assuming it looked similar on the other side, we did a quick 20 merkins and headed back around.  Our Partner 1’s were not there.  #uhoh Double back and see Snapfade and he said if you hugged the building and jumped some walls you could get through.  Screw the BRR, we are prepping for MudRun.  Quick #omaha to some bear crawl suicides.  10 bear crawl steps, 5 merkins, 10 bear crawl steps backwards, 5 merkins, 20 bear crawl steps forward, 10 merkins, 20 bear crawl steps back, 5 merkins.  Some quick mary while we found Maradona and Rocky came back from probably the muthaship.

Mosey to the Lurker to keep this tranwreck rolling.

-Head down the lurker, stopping for 20 wide arms at each crosswalk (4 total crosswalks)

-Head back up, stopping for 20 sumo jump squats

-Head down for 5 burpees at each, and 20 merkins back up.

Head back towards home to finish up with a repeato of the first station minus the run of the hill.  5 sets of 5 burpees, 10 pull ups, and 20 jump squats.  Called it with a minute left, ran up the steps, and finished up with 10 burpees while the bell rang.


That sucked.  I didn’t stop sweating until about 10 minutes ago.  The plan was 100 pull ups, 200 merkins, 300 squats, with 100 burpees scooped on top.  Add in a little under 4 miles, still got some miles in.  Awesome group today.  We were joined with a little time left by Curd, Frogger, Snoopy, and Turncoat.  As we ran up the steps, they asked how much we had left and I said about a minute.  They said they would do some Mary with us.  Burpees were called instead.  Thanks for jumping in.


Pulling in saw Prohibition dancing in the parking lot.  I think he said he was stretching.  Prohibition was the final push YHC needed to jump into F3 years ago.  Nice to have him there.  Glad it was my Q and not one of his brother’s (Oswald) many Q’s in the past to get him to Indy.   It is a long road back.  Whether it is an injury or just being lazy and traveling a ton (YHC) its much harder getting back than it is to maintain.  I tell myself every morning when I want to stay in bed.  Preesh the men of F3 to always be there to push me to be better at all I do.  Thank you, hope I paid you back a little in some sweat equity.


#Give2Give.  If you are reading this, odds are you have gotten a lot more out of F3 than you have put in.  Let’s give this thing away to more people.   If you have not had a chance to do a LEAP, you should.  It is fun, and you make a connection with a totally new Pax.  But in order to do that, people need to fly and stay in hotels, and be away from family.  That all costs money and the demand is high, so we need to hit the gas on raising more.  Check it out on the Tweeter

Another way to give to the expansion efforts to participate in F3 Golf put on by F3 South Charlotte.It is a fun event, $100 a player, golf food and drink, and some other cool raffle items.  I forgot dates and times.  Cobains.  I am sure it posted somewhere on something.

24 Hours of Booty had a record year, sure many of you were there.  Another great opportunity to raise more money is to join the Bourbon4Booty event.  $100, 8 bourbons, food pairings, awesome event in NoDa.  http://bourbonforbooty.com/

Finally, shameless plug for Roaring Riot.  Check out www.roaringriot.com or the local chapter on twitter @QCRRiot.  Basically, we are an awesome group of Panther fans, we arrange away game travel to bring everyone together.  For home games, we host a totally awesome tailgate, partnered with some great friends at NoDo Brewing Company and Jack Daniels.  We raise money for the Cam Newton Foundation.  We are right of Cedar across the street from Draught, on the train tracks.  Can’t miss us.  Check out website, join the Riot and come Tailgate With a Purpose with us.

That’s it, an honor to take you gents around on a moist Saturday morning.


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