Cheap…Cheap….Cheap…Organized Chaos

20 Men emerged in the soupy gloom and left with schweddy balls and shirts.  #augustweathersucks.


Warm up

Break out the Cheap speaker and hooked to iPhone for Pandora tunes* #tocheaptospringPandoraOneonly$4amonth

30 SSH plus the 4-5 extra ones included with the off whack cadence, 10 IW, Run a lap of outer perimeter of AG parking lot

Main Event

Each Round 5 minutes. 4 min AMRAP 1 min Plank then Q discretion before next round.

Round 1 AMRAP

10 Goblet Squats
10r/10L 1 Handed Swings
10R/10L Push Press
10 Windshield Wipers
After Plank Run the Outer Perimeter

Round 2 AMRAP

10  Goblet Squats
20 2H Swings
10R/10L   Renegade Rows
20 Heels to Heaven
After Plank Lunge Walk Parking Lot

Round 3 AMRAP

10 Goblet   Squats
10R/10L Clean Pulls
20 2HSwings
After Plank Sprints x 4 then 30LBCs IC #QGAGReflexCoughing

Round 4 AMRAP

10 Merkins
20 High Pulls
20 Push Presses
10 Goblet Squats
After Plank Run the Outer Perimeter

Round 5 AMRAP Go til 615

20 Swings
10R/10L PushPress
5R/5L KB Lunge



Great Take Out  Tesla with synopsis of the mucky milky mildewy weather before bringing it on home with inner focus of the soul and the Heavenly Father of Love. #holyspiritconduit



  • Hitman rightfully pointed out how sucky it was to use  Regular Pandora for music #badlytimedcommercials & how cheap YHC was for not springing for PandoraOne for a measly $4-5 beans a mo. A little Black Sabbath then a commercial about genital herpes then to WidespreadLive commercial about Kohl’s closing stores RedHotChilli Peppers #PandoraOneFreeTrialFail
  • GAAP jumpstarted all Amrap Rounds #falsestart, then GAAP impressed #noone with his KB Lunges. Picture this, 20 men in a big C.O.P. swinging and lunging in place. The White Hair fundraising marvel breaks the COP ranks, refuses to stand still & lunge in place. Aggressively beelines across the COP’s diameter to within inches of BigWorms snoz. #closetalker
  • Old Bay been coming out for a couple of weeks now, gone from pear shape cotton shirts to form fitting compression shirts #lookinggoodrespect #wantsPappyVanWinkle’sBourbon
  • CoopDog with keeping Q in check several rounds not starting interval timer #extracredit  #QualityControl
  • Norwood 3 weeks in a row. Getting stronger Brother #greatwork
  • Eminem #Sage/Wisdom….VanWinkle #smoothoperator….Kieffer and Chucky…Late, but in the end sweaty.
  • What I do not like about having music at the workout, as OldBay pointed out, cannot hear the great MumbleChatter exploding all over the COP. Hope the music did not wake up Booth’s M.
  • Noonan and Crystal Clown Car Brothers. TClaps to Crystal making use of AP’s old KBs he left in CLT when he bolted to the Great Northwest
  • Hoover still pumped after thumping A51 Pax with his Q at RockZero Saturday, Vamos #warbaby #QsOct16th
  • Qs for August and September filled up. October 9th,23rd,30th open to be filled. Next couple weeks new DH Qs ready to bring it! Wahoo kicks us off next week with his Virgin Q! #BeastisReady



  1. TClaps to GAAP once again for his phenomenal fund raising at 24 Hours of Booty!  Check out Booty’s Next fundraising event: Go HERE for BourbonforBooty Information and tickets
  2. Great Job 5 years to F3 Core
  3. TClaps to Metro and all F3 for Give2Give GoTo Give2Give
  4. Listen to Dredd and OBT on the Art of Manliness Podcast Go Here
  5. Shameless Plug for YHC appearance on WBTV go to 1:50 min mark  Organized Chaos Uber wait for it…@ 1:50 minute mark blink you will miss




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  • August 15, 2017 at 11:38 am

    good workout– love doing the cycle repeat. I have noticed an absence of hammer curls and tricep extensions– just cuz you have 25″ arms doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t have them….

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