Last Minute Lead

17 Out at the Phoenix this am

The Pax: Pate, Red Fox, Chairthrower, Bermuda Boy, Gentle Ben, Taf, Doherty, Fuzzy, Free Fall, Screech, Thrust, Mariah, Skyline, Teaser Pony, Paula, L10, Dover

The Thang

Mosey over to the patent warm up spot for some SSH, Merkins and Squats

Run over to the Megadeck for the following:
1st Trip – Run up the ramp and up the stairs. 20 Merkins and 20 mtn climbers at the top of each

2nd Trip – Add 10 Jump Squats

3rd Trip – Add 30 LBCs

Mary in between each trip up

2 Sets of sprints on the roof

Grab a partner and wheelbarrow up the new flight of stairs x2

Head back to home base with stops at intersections for 20 Merkins and a quick stop for Dips along the way.


It was a humid one out there this morning but that clearly didn’t scare anyone away. Several new faces out at the Phoenix which is always a welcome sight. Got the last minute nod to take the reins and I hadn’t been to the Megadeck in a while, so figured we’d spend the morning there. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with that thought and we ran into the BHM crew trucking up the stairs of the deck as well. The first trip or two up the stairs isn’t so bad but by the last one it definitely caught up to me a little. It looked like Bermuda and Red Fox out front up the ramp/stairs (I was not leading from the front so if you were up there, sorry no shout out). Don’t think Bermuda was doing double count mountain climbers because it was tough to keep up. Gentle Ben was flying on a few of the sprints up on the roof at which point I didn’t have much left in the tank (I’ll blame that on the humidity not the PGA Champ drinks). Thank Skyline for the extra few sets of dips at the end as he was very concerned we weren’t going to make it back in time.


Head out to Speed for Need – Looks like the next one is at the Greek Fest 8/26. I think the one Pate mentioned is the Hopebuilders 5k in November, plenty of lead time there to get you ready.

Give 2 Give: If you’ve not already given to this opportunity to give back to F3 for all that it’s given to you, give now:


Hope everyone got their money’s worth, I enjoyed it.


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