The Middle Q

An even dozen Pax, three of whom had already suffered through one of YHC’s Qs last week, found their way to Sharon Elementary for the most recent installment of Casbah.  They rocked it.  here’s how.

The Thang

– Mosey out of the front entrance to the school (no Portal this week) and circle up at the bottom of the Skulk in the newly-opened Foxcroft Hills Swim Club parking lot for COP:


Imperial Walkers



– Mosey up Foxcroft to the bottom of Beretania:

– Up and over Beretania to the intersection with Sedley with progressive count hand-release burpees from 2 – 10 at the start, top of hill, Sedley, top of hill, and end.  This sucked.  Blackjack begged YHC not to call any more burpees, a request to which YHC (almost) acquiesced

– Circle up in the median for a Mary exercise, which Mr. Drummond declared was “more core than we did on Wednesday” #hater

– One more trip up and over the Beretania hill with progressive count diamond merkins from 5 – 25 at the same stops

– Circle up for a bit more Mary in the median

– Mosey down Foxcroft to the Warburton halfpipe for some partner work

P1 heads up to the very top of the cul-de-sac for 10 jump squats, while P2 heads up the other side of Warburton to Pomfret for 10 hand-release merkins (may have been opposite exercises, but YHC is getting old and can’t remember).  Meet in the intersection with Foxcroft for 10 partner derkins each

– Rinse & repeat (may have changed the exercises slightly, but again YHC can’t remember)

– Mosey back to the swim club parking lot for some more Mary.  How does your core feel now, DRUMMOND?

– On your belly at the bottom of the Skulk, then AYG to Belknap.  Mosey back

– On your belly again, then AYG to Belknap followed by mosey back to the ranch

– Just enough time for 10x Makhtar Ndiaye burpees oyo

– COT with a BOM prayer from YHC

Naked Man Moleskine

– Casbah is YHC’s absolute favorite workout and AO, which is a little bittersweet to write since YHC has been site Q of Governator for quite a while now.   Not sure if we’d ever done the up and over on Beretania, but it seemed like a pretty good test: fairly steep hill on each side, just long enough to offer 5 stops and force guys to push (but not so long that guys lollygag).  Hopefully it was a good complement to YHC’s go-to Warburton halfpipe visit

– Mr. Drummond was surly.  In his defense, he did have an accounting class involving journal entries that ran pretty late into the evening the night before.  YHC and the Pax forgave him #wegood

– Aquafresh, Hamlet, Drummond, and Tardy made it 2 for 2 in hitting YHC’s Qs last week.  Cobains for that

– Rock was having flashbacks to his news reporting days, taking things that YHC said out of context

– Blackjack hasn’t taken a day off from posting and/or running 10+ miles in about 6 months #slimjack indeed

– Lots of chatter post-workout about Friday night’s Guns n’ Roses concert in the Dash.  Impressive GnR trivia from a number of the Pax, including Tardy who was the War Baby


– Give 2 Give: If you’ve given, thank you.  If you haven’t, wait are you waiting for?  F3 has impacted all of the Pax in a number of ways and done it for no charge.  It’s the least we can do to give back to help sad clowns in Chicago, Austin, St. Louis, etc this fall:

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

God bless,


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