Executive Partner Work

A few new faces summoned to the Corner Office including GMouse, Carrier, Belk, and Sump.  Sump and GMouse came in hot just before the gun.  T-Claps to those guys and Dropbox for the extra credit miles.

Circle up in the lot for:

SSH, IW for GMouse, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Wide Arms, Mountain Climbers all x15

Mosey down Knollwood with a stop at Ferncliff for Prisoner squats and step back lunges

Gather at the base of Knollwood for another couple exercises then partner up.

Partner one runs up the hill and takes a right.  Partner 2 continues on Knollwood to meet in the middle and at the end for:

Round 1 15 Partner Derkins
Round 2 20 situps
Round 3 15 Partner Hand Slap merkins
Round 4 15 Partner let throw downs

Three more trips up the hill – first time backward run, followed by 2 AYGs

Indian run back to PUMC lower lot for 6MOM. Dolly/Rosalita/Heels to Heaven/Freddy Merc/Boone L and R/LBC

10 wide arms to the bell


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