Queens to Queens to Queens

After a few minutes of warm-o-rama 14 of F3’s finest are ready to once again burn up the pavement. 3.5 to 4.0 miles began by heading north out from MPTS, left on Roswell, right on Queens, right Queens again, stop at Rolston.  Brief SSH and some planking till all present then continue up Queens till we hit Queens.  Yep, Queens to Queens to Queens.  Only in Charlotte.

Cross over … Queens … to Ardlsey.  Take Ardsley to Providence.  Or, is it 4th street at that point?  Who cares, right.  Everybody accounted for so we cross Prov/4th and take Cherokee to Providence. (You can’t make this stuff up.)  Over to Oxford, left on Selwyn, right on Roswell back to home.

Some got in some extra yardage to get to 4 miles by doing the “Pigskin Peelback” on the Cherokee leg and the Oxford-to-back-home leg.

Beautiful morning, just like we like it.  Hot with 99.99648% humidity.

DRM with the takeout.

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