Tee Time at DMZ

On the morning after Charlotte’s first PGA championship had concluded, eight Pax gathered in the gloom at Carmel Road Neighborhood Park for a little #F3Golf.  For better or worse, they only had time for 9 holes.

The Thang

– Fast mosey up Carmel to Carmel Presbyterian Church for a quick COP of 20x SSH (IC)

– Partner up so YHC could introduce the concept of #F3Golf.  Each “hole” would require each set of partners to complete a specific number of reps of a called exercise within the allotted time.  Complete more than that number, get a birdie.  Less than that number, bogey.

Hole 1 (Carmel Pres): Merkins – 90 seconds for 110

All Pax birdied this fairly routine opening hole

Hole 2 (corner of Mullens Ford & Manor Mill): Jump Squats – 90 seconds for 150

This hole was much tougher, but YHC recalls that no one made less than a par

Hole 3 (apartment parking lot on Simsbury): LBCs – 60 seconds for 150

A deceptively tough little hole with a high rep count and short timer requiring efficiency and precision

Hole 4 (fountain in front of Brixx): Dips – 90 seconds for 130

A tough, but fair test on this hole saw all the teams score a hard-earned birdie

Hole 5 (corner of Ainsdale & Chevington – bottom of hill) – Russian Twists – 90 seconds for 150

A brutal hole, compounded by the fact that the Gangsta Mouse manse was looking down the hill at us while we suffered.  Most battled through for a par

Hole 6 (corner of Ainsdale & Chevington – top of hill): Diamonds – 90 seconds for 100

A shoulder smoker, but one that all Pax birdied

Hole 7 (bottom of hill on Town & Country): Prisoner squats – 120 seconds for 150

More leg work, more birdies though it was touch & go for some

Hole 8 (top of hill on Town & Country): Makhtar Ndiaye – 60 seconds for 75

Awful.  Just awful.  Nothing more need really be said

Hole 9 (Carmel Park lot): Burpeees – 60 seconds for 30

A fair finishing hole

Naked Man Moleskine

– Hopefully this was a change of pace and a bit of fun for the Pax

– Numbers were a little lower than usual, which probably reflects some combination of that last push to get ready for BRR and maybe a few too many cervezas at Quail Hollow on Sunday afternoon

– YHC tends to shy away from gimmicky (some would say “creative”) Q ideas, but this format was really fun at a Dawg Pound beat down that YHC attended in Winston-Salem last fall and seemed appropriate given the timing

– Some Pax questioned what the winner’s check would be.  One Eye and YHC both deferred an answer, citing sponsorship issues

– This marked YHC’s 3rd Q in 4 days.  Only Aquafresh and Hamlet endured all three


– Give 2 Give: If you’ve given, thank you.  If you haven’t, wait are you waiting for?  F3 has impacted all of the Pax in a number of ways and done it for no charge.  It’s the least we can do to give back to help sad clowns in Chicago, Austin, St. Louis, etc this fall: https://f3.mudgear.com/products/give2give-the-f3-leap-fundraiser?variant=47018970451

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

God bless,


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