with a burning coal in his hand

A stout 17 posted for this morning’s running of Bandit.  Here’s what went down:      

The Drill:      
SSH (30)
Mosey down Sterling to Nature Museum entrance w/ stop for merkins (20), flutter (30)
Partner wheelbarrow up hill (3x), dolly (30)
Sprints up hill with descending merkins, ascending knee-ups (20/10, 18/12,…,10/20), LBCs (30)
Mosey around Freedom pond to Lizzy parking lot, flutter (30), merkins (20)
Backwards run up Lurker to first speed bump (2x)
Partner wheelbarrow up first 50yds of Lurker
AYG to top of Lurker, planking 6in
Mosey to wall at stairway to heaven for dips (30)
Mosey back to lot with detour through tennis court lot
COT (thanks, Nautique, for the takeout!)

Color commentary:
This was my first trip over to Bandit.  Great group of men.  During warmup jog with Red Fox, was nearly taken out by the bicycling Bermuda Boy and could not wear down this 52yo throughout the 45min workout.  Definitely one of the fastest Respects in Metro.  Quick side note: when we named Red Fox at the old HeHateMe, I had in mind none other than Redd Foxx, the one and only Fred G. Sanford, one of my favorite childhood characters.  Somewhere along the way our RF dropped the “d” and “x”.  But that’s cool.  I still see Fred’s face every time Danny Sanford’s name pops up.  Red Fox was strong today, especially on the 30s. Curly and Gentle Ben strong too, second time this week Gentle Ben has quietly dominated (see DIB’s PWW backblast from Monday…if he ever posts one).  And Nash pretty much cat-and-moused the rest of us all morning.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Jamey Yon (sp?) F3ers who genuinely provided encouragement and a little extra motivation for the last 20mins or so.  Tip ‘o the cap to Subway, Gitmo, Purple Crayon, Strummer, Pisgah, Foghorn, and others I couldn’t see and am forgetting.  I swear about half of that man or woman’s clients were our guys.  Lastly, great to have Double Dribble, an original Charlottean visiting family and up from F3 Lexington, with us this morning.  Testified again to the great man Cheech was and to how that local F3 community continues to surround Cheech’s wife and kids with love, as well as the other young lady involved in the accident.  Even at 43, there’s a part of me that emotionally shies away from such tragedy, but I see in DD and other Lexington men I met at F3 Dad’s camp how they’ve used this jarring blow to draw together AND draw others into the fold.  I admire it, am moved by it.    Backblasts are not my specialty (ask Chelms), but this morning was good, and I was thankful and honored to be with the Bandit boys.  There’s a truckload of negative noise out there right now.  But there’s also no better time for us as Men to act – in both word and deed – as infectious agents in the conspiracy for Good in our community.  Love and Truth, one and the same, will always prevail.  Thanks, Red Fox, for the opportunity to Q this morning and to the men that posted.  

Give 2 Give still going strong through 8/31.  Metro’s Core contingent has pledged to match $for$ the next $14,000 raised.  Wow.  Think about that.  Pretty dang impressive.    

3 thoughts on “with a burning coal in his hand

  • August 16, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    LIkewise on the motivation. Felt like was at the wrong workout this morning. Kudos for the final few lines of your BB as well. Great stuff Sting.

  • August 16, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    Stinger, You are country strong and Ethiopian fast. I think the bandit boys felt like they got a small taste of BRR training today, lucky us. Thanks for bringing the relentless pain today. You are spot on with my name. I was named after Fred Sanford but I didn’t bother looking up the formal spelling until recently and after someone pointed it out to me. Hence the double D and double X in my user name on the new f3metro site. Going back to my roots. But I’m flattered that my face reminds you of a grey bearded goofy old black man. Must be my eyes.

  • August 16, 2017 at 9:30 pm

    “Backblasts are not my specialty, ask Chelms”. I would ask Chelms, but he’s probably on a Twitter rant.

    Face it. You’re good at it. Admit it. Title your next BB. “Damn Good”. While you don’t give instructions on how to Rock a Chest bib, you Always cause me to pause and appreciate. You’re words and thoughts are inspiring.

    Thank you.

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