Q Smoke

Snoop planted that sexy Shovel Flag in the ground and 11 came to workout at the SharkTank along with our resident ‘purple shirt guy’ who did whatever he did.


Run up the TankDeck for10 Burpees

To the RockPile and grab a rock — 11’s with SquatPress, up the stairs, Burpees, and Russian Twists

Main Course

It kinda went down like this, minus a rep or two, but not more off than that..

  • Run to TankDeck Stairs
    • Partner Up  – Size kinda matters
      • 4 Rounds
        • Wheelbarrow up stairs
        • Over to Rails
          • 20 Squat and unders
          • 20 Pulls
  • To the Walls by the Dumpster
    • 25 Donkey Kicks
    • 10 Handstand pushups
    • Repeat with 8, 6, 4, 2 handstand pushups – #NoOneCouldFinish
  • Run to Courthouse Deck for Jacobs Ladder — Burpees on top, Xfit Merkins on bottom.
  • Back to the lot at 6:08



Hot, sweaty, and humid conditions out there to say the least, Monkey Feet did not even have to grease himself up in Astroglide before taking off his shirt. He should give Hilary some body grooming lessons. #observation It was like a dungeon outside and a live furnace inside the decks. I about broke myself trying to get through this workout and barely made it back to the lot, a couple of #GatorPushes from Ice9 let me know that he is back. I’m sure everyone was smoked, but that felt like a shameful Q performance.  Showing up today was a victory, it’s been a rough week trying to get 2.0 to stay down and reinforcements have been required! 2.0 goes down all night, M is happy, M is happy, I am happy – life is good.  TML crushed everyone on the Jacob’s Ladder, which was more miserable than I even thought.

TML/DIB also took down the partner work rounds. Minimal form and patience by everyone on the Squat Over/Unders which caused a fair amount of rep shortage. I called the Upside down stuff so Monkey Feet can show off. Are we allowed to go below 4 miles at the Tank or anywhere these days??

The Purple Shirt Guy only worked out his crap spewing lungs this morning, he woke up at 430 this morning after seeing the tweet about Uncle’s return to the SharkTank and decided it’d be best to get his butt out there and learn a few tricks. There is only a few options he has to ever get better than Subway at something/anything and posting to my Q’s is one of them. Hopefully, your eclipse glasses get here in time for your drive down to F3/Columbia. Snoop a loop was ready to go with the high socks and energy, Stardog is open for business every day.

Welcome back again to Ice9 and Slaughter!! It great to get some of the Metro big guns back into the fold, me and Stinger need a break from Qing. My thought for the day is that I hope everyone continues to do things big and small that keep F3 impactful in the Metro area, it can change and evolve as it has, but ultimately I’d like to see it grow and develop for the better. It’s unique from other men’s groups/workouts and very effective, hard to argue with how many lives it’s changed for the better. One day the PurpleShirtGuy will start drinking the koolaid again when he decides to resurrect the Gauntlet and the WaterTiger.

  • Heather’s Heroes 5k is coming in October. Support Ice9 and Heather by running the Susan Koman 5K.
  • Greek Festival 5k is also next week.
  • Q signups needed for both Fortitude and MIP — the links are floating out there somewhere, need to get something static with all this info up on the site soon.
  • What else???

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  • August 17, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    Yo cHoLoW…reached out to the Purple Shirt Guy and he stated that he already had a dad but thanks for the words of wisdom. Also said thanks for the D- workout. Who’s Subway? That guy who quit?

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