Sweet 6 BB: Mister Ed

Train to be an Olympian.

  • 2 mile warm up
  • 3 miles at marathon pace
  • take it home

Reverse the route and start after 2 miles so the 1st one, when you’re the most fresh was up Morehead, #2 was flat and 3 was mostly down hill.  Shouldn’t be too terrible but certainly hard.  Not as hard as putting socks on a rooster but probably as hard as a $2 steak.

Truth be told, you probably won’t be an Olympian in spite of what your mama and daddy tell you.  To be an Olympian or even have a chance you’d have to meet US Olympic Marathon Trials Qualification Standards of a 1:04 half (4:53 pace) or 2:19 marathon (5:18 pace).  But that’s just the “B” standard which means you get to say you ran in the trials but you’d never make the team.  “A” standard is a 2:15.  Now we’re at a 5:09 pace.  Little know fact, when running at a 5:09 pace your shoes literally melt into the soles of your feet.  All of those guys leave Nike or New Balance or Saucony or Brooks imprints on the sand when they vacation each summer.  And yes, like horses, they have special teams that care for their feet and hose them off and brush them after runs.

Mister Ed was a funny horse.  Not just because he could talk but because sometimes he wore glasses.  A horse with glasses is pretty funny.  Heck just about any animal with glasses if funny.

On a Serious Note

Carrier mentioned a name to keep in your prayers because he’s having brain surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor and I apologize, but I don’t remember the name.  Someone please add it to the comments below.

Thanks for the take out Lee(roy).

Mr. Bo on the mic next week.


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