Branching out

FryDaddy volunteered to Q today. Smart move. Protection from having the likes of Day-Z and Deertick Q this workout. I’m not complaining either.

Everyone got two bricks and then put them down in a place where they could remember to get their own bricks. I hate it when someone takes my bricks and I have to use theirs.

Started out with:






Then follow the leader down Colville to Eastover. Along the way, we moved a very large branch out of the street, or at least most of the way out of the street. At the intersection of Colville and Eastover, we stopped for an exercise or two then did a backwards run up Eastover to the first stoplight. Actually, make that the first streetlight. Then resumed normal running direction to the intersection of Eastover and Cherokee for a fire hydrant. The exercise, not the real thing, although there was a real one nearby. Up Cherokee to Fenton. Brief stop for bicycle and back to the AO. At the AO, we grabbed our 2 bricks for Tabatha. I think she’s Tabata’s step sister. Tabatha had us do 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 4 exercises and a repeat. So for each set of four exercises, we did them twice.


Brick bell swings (like a kettlebell but with bricks)

Jump squat

Lunges with bricks


Russian twist with bricks


Mountan Climber

Man makers with bricks




Peter Parker

Jack Webb with bricks, 4 merkins and 8 presses


Over to the railing. A situp and a standup, kind of like a Turkish get up but you can use the rail. Do this 15 times and then ride the railing. Rinse and repeat.

Back to the parking lot and did Sally Up/down with merkins and squats. There’s actually a song called ‘SallyUp, Sally down’. Who knew?

Finished with about a minute of stretching.

Good job, Frydaddy!


Prayers for a certain student at Western Carolina. Also, sign up for and look for the Inspire 5k on Sept 24. Whim’s asking for our support.



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  • August 18, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    Just signed up for the Sept 24 5K, shirt size small, age group 60+…watch out ‘Skin.

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