Testing the Weight Limit on Racing Chairs

Tolkien’s Stream of Consciousness…

9 men showed up at Combine for their Friday episode of kettlebells and sprints.  It’s questionable whether YHC knows how to do either of those with any kind of proper form, so again YHC chose to mix up the workout with unconventional movements to avoid self-embarrassment. Some guy showed up at about 0510 and saw YHC unloading the SPEED FOR NEED racing chairs in the lot.  At first, YHC was deciding whether I was about to get mugged, but then saw this bone-thin man with super-strength emerge from his car. Thoughts immediately turned to whether YHC had anything in my truck to feed him… but it was just Nancy Drew, who, worried about his workout being desecrated, couldn’t sleep and showed up early. Next rolled up this big strapping dude, FNG.  ND tried to give him his 20lb bell, instead of the 45lb bell and YHC was like “whutttt?”… that’s like giving a sumo wrestler a single piece of sushi for dinner, it’s not enough. Audible was called to the 45lb, and our new swimmer friend, who claimed to have beat the Speedo off of Michael Phelps in the pool, and hung out for 37 straight hours with Ryan Lochte in a Bavarian Noodle Shop / Dim Sum Fusion Restaurant while totally destroying the bathroom, was ready to go. Welcome FNG Sharknado.  Back from the dead bed walked up a dude that looked like he just walked out of a homeless shelter… Slaughter was back (and he probably did)! Great to have him out there, and leading the way on the runs in fact.  Make sure to show top to his Combine Q in two weeks.

So what did we do?  The objective of the day was to give Metro guys a look at what their donations purchased… 4 bad@$$ racing chairs for a really cool new charity, F3 Nation’s charity SPEED FOR NEED!  We got some practice pushing the racing chairs in a variety of race-simulated situations… hill work, speed work (up  and down hill), and turns… all pushing AYG with Boondoggle dudes that were close to, if not WAY OVER the recommended weight limit of 200lbs.  Mixed in some american hammers with kettle bells, kettle bell swings, bear crawls with kettle bell drags, crab walks with kettle bell drags, and one of my favorites, the reverse burpee with kettle bell.

Speaking of Boondoggle, he paid the price for all of his Orange Theory cheatin’ ways by getting paired up with the biggest dude Sharknado, although he handled it quite well. He mentioned needing to put in more time at Dominique’s Dynamic Belly Dance Studio to be able to handle Combine again.  Doubledown dude! Good to see you. After spending all last Saturday soaping down girlies in swimsuits at Camp Thunderbird (the superslide at F3Dads Camp and the 2.0s), Taf decided to try out a new workout and showed up to Combine… without a bell. No prob, we got you mate! He modified to the sandbags and crushed the sprints with Slaughter.  Speaking about crushing sprints, Maradona flat out beat the pants off of YHC on the straightaway sprints while pushing someone in a  racing chair.   Same as Foreclosure (R) who got war daddy for the day, got a sense of what pushing some of us in a wheelchair would feel like, since he’s not going down that route.  Maybe (kotters?) showed up today to get trained for the upcoming Greek Fest 5k where Maybe, Scabby, Uncle, Gandalf, and Ice9 will be driving two very special track commanders in the upcoming race. There’s no room for two in the chair Maybe, so you better suck it up for 3.1miles!  If you can come to cheer on the track commanders and the drivers, or sign up to race, please do. There will be a giant 12×12 SPEED FOR NEED / F3Nation tent set up in the festival area for everyone to congregate at.



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But since YHC gets to write the Backblast, the special privilege is to put only announcements relative to the Q.  So here it is…. pretty simple…. please do at least 5 of them 🙂

  1. Follow @F3Speedforneed on Twitter
  2. Follow www.facebook.com/f3speedforneed on Facebook
  3. Ingrain www.F3SpeedForNeed.com in your head and check the schedule or blog intermittently
  4. Talk about SPEED FOR NEED with others to either get them involved as a track commander or pilot or to come to F3!
  5. Sign up for a SPEED FOR NEED race! Run on your own, run with the track commanders, push a racing chair, run the kids race with your 2.0, or just show up to the event and cheer everyone on before the race and/or at the finish line.  Any and all of these are appreciated and gives F3 Nation a presence in our community and shows support for our riders.

Thats It! Have a great weekend,

JRR – Angry – Fighting Mongol – Tolkien

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