Wheel of Upper Body Misfortune

Casbah has seen its share of television themed workouts – QVC at Philips Place, Celebrity Home Tour, Real Housewives of Foxcroft, but today we went back to the original type of reality show, yes a game show, for an edition of Wheel of Misfortune.

An auspicious (see below) 13 men converged just in time under the light of a waning crescent moon. 77 degrees and air like a wet blanket, but high spirits (as always at Casbah) to mark the kickoff to the weekend. Much conjecture about the Q’s identity and a (completely effective) false start by FOD….here’s what we did:

Follow me for a slow mosey around the Southern Gothic (at least in faint moonlit conditions) slightly overgrown “track” that is more of a circle (or wheel) than an oval and concrete/asphalt rather than an actual track-appropriate material.  There are some faint lane markings in places and it is something close to 400 meters around.

During the mosey, receive instructions for the coming circuit:

  • 15 pullups+15 big boy dips (or 30 regular dips if you prefer) on the playground
  • 30 chest to bar merkins on the odd metal bars anchored to the ground close by the Portal
  • 15 fence jumps on the little league fence
  • 15 derkins on the wood boxes near the fence
  • 15 Mike Tysons on the wall near the dumpster

Finish the intro lap and circle up in the middle of the track (also a baseball and lacrosse field, overgrown and wet with dew today) for Low Slow Squats x 20 IC.

Count off by 5 then disperse in groups to the 5 stations on the circuit.

Do the circuit 3x and then one more lap with no stations.

Converge back in the center. Mary on the six (?,flutter, LBC). Thanks to One Eye (I think) for leading Mary.

Mosey to the base of the Skulk:

Run up Skulk, 10 sumo jump squats at top, 10 4 count monkey humpers at the bottom.


Take it all the way back to the breezeway benches:

Get in derkin position and attempt a synchronized clockwise derkin/merkin walk around the row of benches. I am not so sure this worked out. Might need some fine tuning. Called it halfway around.

Complete a lap around the bus lot back to the launch point.

10 burpees OYO



Great group out today. I did not hear much commentary in the first part of the workout, we were spread out around the track. Same in the second part, smoked? The circuit part took longer than I thought and the Skulk session was penciled out at 5x and 15 reps per exercise so had to be dialed back. Also, and related, I might not have finished it as written.

  • The plastic fence covers were extremely slippery and a kind of pommel horse maneuver was the veteran move. I will bring towels next time. #safety
  • The Godfather of Fence Hops (Love Bug) has now missed both my Casbah Qs that included fence hops
  • Strava shows Benefactor pacing the workout (no surprise) – others too I’m sure
  • Great to have Chappy back out, no rust visible
  • Likewise One Eye, would never know he was out a month
  • Great to have Dougie make the drive out from his new place
  • Double Knot now 2x in a row (at least) at Casbah, working hard
  • Silent Bob and Mr. D ran in, as did FOD. SB not even in BRR anymore, still training up with Mr.D though #greattrainingpartner
  • Come back again soon Chowda – good to have you out at Casbah
  • All Day (triple hate) probably doing at least 2 more workouts today as he preps for the season!
  • Pothole and LBJ motivating everyone with their effort
  • Trivia: 13 is indeed a lucky number for YHC – due to this and also, YHC’s mom born on June 13th

Announcements – Speed for Need – on 8/26, run/support the Greek Fest 5K

Support and sign up to Q  Fortitude and MIP


One Eye with a great take out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.





One thought on “Wheel of Upper Body Misfortune

  • August 19, 2017 at 9:03 am

    That was brutal. My entire body ached after this one. You’ve quickly become quite the Q to be reckoned with, AF!

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