No repeats

My rule is do no exercise more than 10 times (except when I screw up the count) and run no further than 200 meters at a mosey pace. We kept it moving but threw in an occasional 10 count. Rev watched out for the six.

We started off in front of the building at 9:00 and did several exercises (SSHs, Mountain Climbers, IWs, Windmills, Peter Parkers, Merkins, Squats, etc.) until about 9:15. I generally alternated one exercise on your feet and then one on the ground and then back on the feet. So we did SSHs, Merkins, IWs, Peter Parkers, etc. During our 12 minutes, we had several people come join us. We probably added half of our crew for the day.

We headed down to McNinch and around the corner for People’s chair and air presses, cross the street and bear crawl back, People’s chair and air punches, cross the street and lunge walk back. People’s Chair an LaLannes and then to the end of the street to the railing (past the railroad tracks). Dips and Derkins.

Back towards the stadium. We partnered up and used the fence. Reverse crunches while the other partner backwards ran across the parking lot and returned. 2 times and then Tiajuana Dreamers 2 times.

Ran to Cedar street, SSH and Merkins, crossed the street to the grassy field. Another couple of exercises, to the tunnel, 5 Mike Tysons and a little People’s Chair. To the railing for Supines and Incline Merkins. To the stadium for Paper Dolls, Step Ups, sit ups (hooking feet under the bench) and returned to the railing. More supines (inboards this time) and back to the tunnel and over the bridge. Bear Crawl (Panther Walk) across the bridge. Another couple of exercises and backwards run to Cedar street. A couple exercises and returned. Finished.

I had to repeat a few exercises. GAAP complained. I’m still glad he showed up! Good to see Slaughter back as well! Great to have 5 FNGs join the group. Good to see graduates of the program returning. And I’m always impressed with Rapid. At 67, he’s the War Daddy and an inspiration to the rest of us!

It’s a good workout. You can double down or sleep in and still get a workout. It’s an opportunity to hang out with some guys you wouldn’t typically hang out with. I think we learn from each other and I think we inspire each other. Come on down! Take advantage of the opportunity! You’ll be glad you did!

21 in all.


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