Something a Little Different

We started with 17 and picked up one along the way. 81 degrees and 100% humidity made this a perfect morning for a Core beatdown

Circle up and plank it up: foot to palm both sides with R/L stretches, SSH x 12, slow Merkins x 12, slow Copperhead Squats x 12.

Then it got different. Count off and divide into 4 teams ( 3 with 4 and 1 with 5), more on this situation later.

YHC does not remember who went where or with who so just know that these were awesome teams and leaders evolved as we went along.

One of the teams went to each of the four destinations and rotated through the others:


The Mountain (Parking Deck)

Challenge – Climb to the top of the parking deck and enjoy the view.

Assualt the hills (ramp) without running, walking, skipping or karaoke. Upon reaching Level 2 take to the stairs. Two steps up and one step back. at the summit (top of deck).

Complete the following with the listed restrictions.

6 man              5 man            4 man             max rep

Burpees                   180                 150                  120                 10

Merkins                   180                 150                  120                 10

Squats                     270                 225                  180                 15

Reverse Crunch       270                 225                  180                 15

Down and out to Field of Dreams


Field of Dreams

Challenge – Pass the Slosh Tube across the field and back without spilling a drop (flag to flag). You have to be seated to touch the tube. You cannot walk (run, crab waalk, skip, etc – move) with the tube in your hands. DO NOT THROW THE TUBE – IT MUST BE PASSED.

The stuff dreams are made of.

Complete the following with the listed restrictions.

6 man              5 man            4 man             max rep

KB Thruster                  180                 150                  120                 10

Manmakers                  180                 150                  120                 10

Russian Twists              360                 300                  140                 20

KB Swings                    270                 225                  180                 15

Proceed to Picnic Tables


The Picnic

Challenge – Deliver the provisions for the picnic and have fun. The sand bag has to moved to the upper sidewalk (flag) and back to where you found it. You cannot move with the sandbag in your arms. You chest has to touch the ground after each time you touch the sandbag. DO NOT DROP THE SANDBAG. DO NOT THROW THE SANDBAG. NO SANDBAGGING.

Now for the picnic –

Complete the following with the listed restrictions.

6 man              5 man            4 man             max rep

Step Ups                  360                 300                  240                 20

Dips                          270                 225                 180                 15

Derkins                     180                 150                  120                 10

Sit Ups                     270                 225                  180                 15

Proceed to the Playground


Recess on the Playground

Challenge – Have some fun and share the love

Everyone plank in a line and the man on the end crawls under the Tunnel of Love. R&R until the product of the number on your team time the number of reps completed exceeds 23.

Before recess is over complete the following with the following restrictions.

6 man              5 man            4 man             max rep

Bulgarian Split Squats              360                 300                  240                 20

Pull Ups                                    180                 150                  120                 10

Wide Arms                               180                 150                  120                 10

LBC                                           540                 450                  360                 30

Proceed to Parking Deck


All 4 groups almost made it thru the rotation of all 4 Challenges before we ran out of time at 0800.

COT and another purposeful and purpose filled take out by Rev.



This one was a replay from the early days of Core. YHC thought this fine tuned and wise crew could crush it. Not to sure on that. Following instruction sis not the strong point of Core. Seemed to be more concern with completion than execution. Yeah the max rep part was only a suggestion. Our team completely missed the 2 up 1 back part at the parking deck. Who was our leader??

Kudos for creativity on M&Ms group for climbing up the guardrails between the levels on the parking deck. Intent was lunge walk, crab or bear crawl. But hey that works.

Numbers are always an issue at Core. Took two weeks to get a final determination on the formula for the number of reps when we do 11’s. today the struggle was how to get 3 groups of 4 and one group of 5. Not pointing fingers but our CPA’s work better with balance sheets than division with remainders.

Welcome FNG Don Bergeron who is now S’up Bro. Dodged getting tagged with”‘ere”. Ask Rev about that one.

Awesome to see Cinnamon Girl and Slaughter posting with us at Core.

Keiffer was late as is becoming a habit. Not a good one I might add. He was put with the remedial group along with YHC.

The pax was split up this am and that kept the chatter and stories to a minimum but the workout was a challenge. That may be more about the weather than the Q but glad to take a little credit.


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MIP needs Q’s and don’t forget Fortitude on Tuesday at the Men’s Shelter on N. Tryon at 0530. They need you!


Thanks for joining us at Core today and making this what it is. Just all loaded up with 3 F’s.

C you real soon, Y because we love you


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