Eclipse Monday- So it happens once every 50 or so years… Appropriate day for Wahoo to finally take the Q.

Eclipse Monday- So it happens once every 50 or so years… Appropriate day for Wahoo to finally take the Q.


20 Men came to start Eclipse Monday with a first time Q from Wahoo. #itsabouttime.

Rev provided the tunes and Wahoo brought his daughters color emitting speaker, #lotsofshtgiven.

The PAX was reminded that the Q has poor eye sight and went to VT so counting in cadence is a challenge. #noviceQ

None the less the hecklers came out starting with Grapevine and who else, Nibbler.

With Revs’s help the Q finally got cadence in sync and rolling.


Warm up:

SSH/Imperial walker/ Sharon Towers/Merkins/Mountain Climbers/ Rt Leg-Rt Elbow-flapjack / LBC/ 10 Burpees on your own.



20 2hand swings

20 side Lunge (10right/10 left)

20 Swings

20 Lawn Mowers( 10R/10L)

20 Swings

20 Snatches ( 10R/10L)

20 Swings

10 Burpees


Main Course:

Grinders – ( Thanks Rev for providing the plates and Nibbler for the heckling the organization)

Broke up into groups of 3 with similar bells.

Round 1 –   ( Renegade Rows (L/R)  and LBCs) two times thru then plank till group finishes

Round 2-   ( Curls and Goblet squats ) x2  “

Round 3- ( Overhead Press L/R and High Pulls ) x2 “

Round 4- ( Louganis and Heals to Heaven) x 2 “



Roxanne – Start in plank position- Push up on “Roxanne”, Plank Jack  on “put on the red light” – and the song is much longer then you think! ( Nibbler reminded my there isn’t a lyric for putting your knee down)

Coffee :

Protractor/ Low Flutter/ Roselleta/ Freddie Mercury / push press/ Russian Twist/ Windshield wiper

Thanks to Rev and Ribeye for interjecting exercises as the FNG Q runs short on exercises into the finish!

10 Burpees OYO



Announcements –

FNG- Thanks Gangsta Mouse for head locking  Michael Sheneck into joining (aka, from now on- Broke Back ( BB). Welcome! And look forward to seeing you again !

Rev- Give2Give ,  numbers are good but more work to do in order to make the kind of impact we are capable of. Everyone please reach out to folks you know in other cities as many haven’t gotten the word and are more likely to give if someone they know calls and explains the purpose and encourages them to participate.

Ribeye- Q list is filling up but please take a look at the calendar and get involved.. if you can suffer through Wahoo’s FNG Q then you can Q!

Take Out- Ribeye- Reminds us on this Eclipse Day the power of God and his every presence in our lives, be thankful for all we have and pay it forward.


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