It Could Have Been Worse

21 able-bodied men walked out of their homes and saw that temperature was almost 80 and the humidity was at least 90% (no telling what the heat index was), yet they still decided to show up for the weekly beat down known as Attila.  YHC had a monumental beat down planned but was sweating so much after the first round of exercises that an audible was called (nothing good comes from the Q passing out!).  So here’s how the altered work out went down.

The Thang:

Mosey from the parking lot around the block to the parking deck off of Baxter Street for some COP.  SSH, IW, Slow Copperhead Squats.  Line up at wall for what may best be referred to as Tobacco Pickers (a walk across the parking lot with alternating toe touches).  Return doing Tobacco Pickers halfway and lunges the rest of the way.  Back to the wall for People’s Chair and 20 air presses.  Then Balls to the Wall with 10 Hip Slappers each side.  Rinse and repeat both exercises.

Mosey to the best grass in F3 nation.  Line up for Bear Crawl Snake (chosen because the time it takes to figure out what to do amounts to about a dozen 10 counts).  Bear Crawl Snake across the long side of the field.  Partner up for Hand Slap Merkins on one side,  run to other side for 10 Partner Derkins, run back for Partner Merkin Ladder to 8 and back.

Mosey down Greenway to band stage for two rounds of  Step-Ups (10 each leg), Dips (15), Derkins.

Mosey further down Greenway and up steps at Target to the rails.  Pull-ups IC with counts of 10, 8, 6, 8, 10.  Alternate inboard and outboard and do Freddie Mercury’s in between to same number of reps.

Back to field for Protractors with Rosalitas and Dolly’s thrown in.  Then 90 second Plank Challenge with 10 merkins at 30 seconds and 60 seconds, then 6 inches at end.


Another strong effort on a hot and humid day when dreams of a February workout prevail!  Torpedo and Senor Chips needed some governors installed as they were clearly not bothered by the conditions today.  The audible was decided early on (after the warm up lap).  Plan was to hit all 4 stairwells at the Target parking deck with Spiderman Merkins at bottom and Jump Squats at top before hitting the rails.  Glad we didn’t do that.

Welcome to FNG Mike Monroe (a.k.a. Snake Oil).  Thanks to My Sharona for the headlock and Snake Oil we hope to see you on a regular basis.  Word has it that we can learn a thing or two from you about a workout!

Nibbler and Rev kept the mumble chatter at a good pace and most of the Pax had something to say about the choice of music (70’s make-out party variety).  Apparently, only the double respects got it….and not all of it.  For the record, In A Godda Da Vida is not only a good make-out song, it was THE make-out song of Troutman Junior High.    17 minutes, 5 seconds of not coming up for air.   Kiefer you would have thrived in the 7th grade during 1970!

Announcements:  Give2Give is in the home stretch and we still have a long way to go to make the kind of impact we are capable of.  What in our lives do we get so much out of and give so little.  Dig deep, because the dollars we raise will help us share what we have with so many others across the nation.  Metro is leading the way, and Core is certainly doing its part.  Word on the street is that we will get an opportunity to take charge of a Leap in South Florida. Prayers for F3 brother Dan Singletary, Lt. Dan, who has had a recurrence of melanoma after several years of being in remission.

Heartfelt and meaningful take-out by Little W.

Always an honor and a pleasure to Q a workout.  Thanks to Skoal Bandit for handing me the reins on this one!


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