Prestige Worldwide BB: East Bound & Up

Sorry about the delay this morning, it’s been a while since I was out and I forgot where this thing was.  Back side of the Dowd shouldn’t be too hard to remember but I went to Freedom Park 1st and when I saw a bunch of old guys with walkers warming up I remembered that was Big Hair Monday.  Then I made a bee-line up East and pulled into Latta Park.  Saw some familiar faces but something seemed off when everyone was paired up rubbing each others backs.  Some dude was yelling something about “get in there good, we need to warm up before we mosey”.  Nope, wrong spot.  Oh yeah, Dowd is where it’s at on Mondays.

That’s alright we’ll make up some time down Morehead.  If you run fast enough it slows time down.  Don’t believe me, check out SiB on Tuesdays during intervals and tell me time doesn’t slow down.

  • stop at Morehead and Dilworth for merkins and flutter
  • stop for the ol’ dip/derkin combo @ St. Patrick’s, continue to East Bouly
  • see South Blvd down there? Nope? Ok, run that way until you do.  Stop at every street for 10 merkins.  There are 37 streets until South Blvd.
  • squats at the Shell station where apparently they have some of the best chicken wings in town (that’s disgusting whoever said that)
  • South to Kingston to East, back up to South with 10 knee-ups at every intersection
  • merkins at the Shell Wing Express
  • down south, dips/derkins/merkins

I guess I get some of the excitement around the lunar eclipse but what really gets me going is Bonnie Tyler.  Try watching the Total Eclipse of the Heart video and tell me you don’t get a little flow when she drops that 2nd chorus.  I’ll admit it stalls a little when they throw buckets of water on the swimmers but then it pulls you back in with the dancing ninjas.  What man, real man, can resist puffy shoulder shirts and full eye black on a woman?

Little know fact, the song is actually a true story.  It happened at Hogwarts in the early 80s.  Bonnie Tyler was a Professor of Muggle Studies and Potions when she fell in love with a student.  It’s really pretty touching and you get to see the 2 love birds at end of the video.  Obviously she was dismissed from the school and so was the student and it actually happened on a lunar eclipse day hence “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

Word is they live a quiet, happy live in Milwaukee now.

Tune in next week when old man Checkpoint drops the hammer on the young bucks.


4 thoughts on “Prestige Worldwide BB: East Bound & Up

  • August 21, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    FB’s correct (the part about time slowing down the faster you go; not the part about Total Eclipse Of The Heart–what the hell was that?). It’s called time dilation. Look it up.

  • August 21, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    So I “accidentally” clicked on the link to the total eclipse of the heart video above and then I “accidentally” watched almost the whole thing. I can admit that. But it was all worth it because YouTube then suggested I watch this gem of a video, which may be the best remake of an ’80s video ever.

  • August 22, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    I discovered the fried chicken at Shell East/West/South blvds back in ’09, and it has always topped Price’s. The breakfast burritos are also awesome. Think of it as a down-home greasy spoon restaurant that happens to also serve gas.

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