CAR! Game On!

12 pax for SIB. Plus Cougar for a couple of intervals.

Longest warm up of the month – 20+ minutes including some lunge walks, high knees, Russian dance, skips.

AYG sprint intervals: 3x from speed bump to MPHS driveway, 6x speed bump to speed bump, 3x speed bump to driveway. Then one more speed bump to speed bump. Recovery in between each interval is jog down, stand around, try to make some conversation while you catch your breath (not exact, but we were typically 1:30ish on recovery).

Cool down for about 7 minutes back to AG parking lot. COT

Easiest workout. Low mileage. Lots of resting.

Hardest workout. If you truly leave it out there on “all you got” it is incredibly painful. Especially heading uphill. You will feel it afterwards.

Most dangerous workout. Several pax won’t even show up – just tears them up. And yes, AYG does raise injury risk (ask Gisele). And don’t get me started at all the cars on Spackler’s hill before 6AM. NOTE: injury risk is why the warm up is longer. This type of workout is the opposite of the old muthaship where everyone took off at full speed from the parking lot. I’m too old, or possibly risk averse, to do that.

Most effective workout. Despite injury risk, still a big believer in all out sprinting for everything form improving performance to overall health. Plus it is just so efficient – minimum work time for maximum impact.

Cougar did join us for a couple of intervals. Moseying along on his #sadclown run with reflective vest – we were probably the opposite of what he was planning (steady pace, long distance). The somehow he takes a phone call at 0600 as we head back to COT. One: I’m impressed he was carrying it – a good safety measure. Two: Who is picking up the phone before 6am thinking – I really need to get in touch with Cougar RIGHT NOW! Anyway, we should get him back out for the full workout next time.

Baby Jesus knows how to sprint – he does not hold back. And thanks for the takeout brother. Superman won the 2nd rep I believe (no head starts). Swamp was clearly hoping we would go for longer sprints – you know he wanted all the way to the top. But just too far to hold on to top sprinting speed. Speaking of top speed, probably good that there is no video evidence of this workout – the effort is there but as a group we are sorely lacking in sprint speed. OBT sturdy undercarriage built for stamina but not drag racing – different transmission and gearing. Federalist no longer sneaky fast – just fast now that I’ve seen him perform in these workouts. Only way I can beat CMD is to skip the “3,2,1…” start countdown, catch him by surprise and give myself a step or two before he reacts.

On another topic, does Cindy have some sort of waiver from fully participating in the COT ritual? Does he think he is Cher? Or someone else famous enough that he can go by just one name. When was the last time Mr. John Crawford (age 40 plus something) gave his birth name and age in COT? I’m sure I’m inviting comments from him – good thing I don’t read them.

Don’t forget: Give2Give – CLT Metro raising the most $ (as we should). Be an example and donate at Mudgear store. It is easy.

SpeedForNeed – Greekfest is this weekend. Even if you aren’t running, come out and support the event.

Shameless self promotion – Marine Corps Marathon, MDA Team Momentum and F3SpeedforNeed. It’s all happening on 10/22/2017 when I run 26.2 miles pushing Owen in the SFN chariot. Make a donation to support MDA and honor Owen.

Read the Metro newsletter. Always good stuff going on.

Next week is 5th Tuesday. We will run an extra hill week this month with BRR coming up – think longer intervals, more sustainable pace. Still going to hurt a lot.



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