Ice Cream Social

A record 31 PAX (14 from the shelter, with 4 FNGs) rolled out of bed to work off a few extra scoops of ice cream.  Here is what we did:

COP in the shelter lot while waiting on Pipeline and Slaughter to issue shoes and shirts and round up stragglers.   10 x SSH, 10 x Mtn Climbers, 10 squats, 10 merkins, 10 x IW

Mosey to the field for main COP.   15xSSH, 15 x Crunches, 10 x Wider Arm Merkins,

3-man teams for some grinders — Partner #1 squats, Partner #2 run, Partner #3 merkins.    After 4 minutes, rotate SSH for squats, rotate mtn climbers for merkins.   After 4 minutes, rotate heels to heaven for mtn climbers and merkins for squats.

New Partner Up in 2-man team.   4 corners, with 10 Turkish get ups at odd corners and partner hand slap merkins at even corners.   Repeato with 10 mtn climbers at odd corners and partner hand slap merkins at even corners.

Mosey to Shelter.  COP for 10 loud cadence SSH.   COT.


Pulled in the shelter lot this morning to find my man Marv alone, loitering around his car trunk organizing middle school algebra books.  Began preparing my mind for a small batch workout and adjusting the 3-man grinder plan in the mind, thinking maybe we could use Marv’s algebra books for a paver workout.  Wandered around back to find Slaughter and Happy in the lobby, flashing those big smiles and ready to go.   Slowly but surely, men began to gather on the shelter porch.   0535, we’re at about 15 PAX.   0540, we’re suddenly at 20 PAX.  Around 0545, Pipeline rolls in from the north shelter with a van full of residents (and trash bags full of shoes and workout clothes).  Now I’m worried I won’t be able to control this mass of humanity.

It was great to see so many men respond to the recent EH’s to push themselves to get better.  Over the past two weeks, Pipeline, Slaughter, Orlando, Gridlock and many others have provided extra headlock to the shelter residents by posting after dinner on Monday night to serve the residents ice cream.  Clearly, those efforts are paying dividends.  With 14 PAX from the shelter, it reminded me very much of the early days of F3.  Many FNGs (and near FNGs) struggling to complete every rep, but giving and receiving fist bumps and words of encouragement from each other to push through the pain.

Thanks to Jedi and others who supplied the water after COT.


Sorry, can’t recall them all.   Pipeline mentioned a lung walk event from the shelter to another location (sounded like a long way) to raise money for a charity.  Pipeline, please provide additional details below.

Slaughter needs men to step up and Q.   Link to Sign Up genius here – Sign-Up Genius.

Thanks to Slaughter, Pipeline and Country for the keys to this great workout.







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