Walkin’ on the Sun

Without the aid of ISO approved eyewear 22 Pax showed up to Trinity Pres at 0530 to stare at their own risk at YHC fiery red hair and get better.  After several Pax admired Taf’s British park job we launched into the 117% relative humidity gloom.

What we did: 

Mosey over to the Trinity Pres Back parking lot for COP.

SSH x 20
IW x 15
MC x 15
Peter Parker x 10
Parker Peter x 10

Mosey out to Providence and resist YHCs Catholic guilt to head immediately in the direction of St. Gabriel. Take a left on Rutledge. Stop at Gresham Pl for low, slow squat IC x 10 (3 down, 1 up). Mosey to valley between Gresham and Chandler Pl for some half-pipe work. Partner up; size, speed, SAT score, favorite Star Wars movie all matters.
Partners alternate 7s of Knee Ups and Jump Squats at Gresham and Chandler respectively. Every time partners meet in the middle do 7 partner hand slap Jerkins. [insert “what’s a Jerkin here?”] def. Plank Jack into a Merkin. #thankHamlet

Regroup in the valley with LBC on the Six.
Protractor – interrupted by oncoming car. Scatter.

Mosey to Roundabout at the bottom (middle?) of Chandler Place. Pick up the protractor at 60 degrees where we interrupted. Rapid 10 count at 10 degrees by Chappy. Add in Rosalita x 20 with a lovely count by I believe Grizzly playing the role of Rosalita.

At the bottom of the Roundabout same partners start a Jacob’s Ladder to 5 up the hill towards Montclair with partner Derkins at the top and partner carry around the roundabout. Loud in stereo groan with a “friendly” reminder from Sump that this was not an hour long work out. Point taken and YHC audibled to a ladder of 3.

Plank Jack x 20 at the top of Chandler with a quick Mosey to Robin Rd for Freddie Mercury x 15 and LBC x 15.

AYG up the hill back to AO with Plank Jack for your brothers.


YHC doesn’t post as often as I’d like on a Tuesday but always pleasure to be with the men of Black Widow and see the sights of Cotswold. Great group of Pax out there working and sweating in the late summer heat. Mumblechatter seemed to focus on the #crowdpleaser Jerkins and YHCs overzealous attempt at a Jacob’s Ladder with only 11 minutes left in the workout.  That being said still logged 3.28 miles with an attempt to make the exercises total body.

YHC overhead a Pax comment on how glad he was the sunrise was later given the temp and humidity. This gave YHC the inspiration for the backblast title which is song from Smashmouth, circa 1997. As an undergrad at THE University of Scranton YHC spent about 6 weeks working at “Structure” in the mall. Don’t like folding my own clothes, much less someone else’s. Corporate soundtrack appeared to favor this song and it led to it being burned into my memory like proverbial retinal damage from staring at the eclipse. Link attached so that all the Pax can join in the fun.

No obvious ocular injuries to report, but perhaps auditory after listening to Smashmouth. Last day of summer before YHCs 2.0s return to school and YHC enjoyed the peace and serenity of being alone in the back yard enjoying a coffee.  However, YHC was stunned to see upon review of the twitters it appears part of this workout may have violated a local trespassing ordinance. Will let Grizzly or Big Worm weigh in further following counsel with the Nantan.


Labor Day Convergence, Monday, September 4th aka Labor Day at 7am, Independence Park.

MIP looking for Pax and Q’s Saturdays at 9am

Give 2 Give ongoing. Metro comfortably in the lead but no reason to take the foot of the gas.

Road ID offering a 20% discount for all F3 Pax can be linked from Grizzly’s twitter handle.

There’s some race that the Pax refer to as BRR. Probably worth looking into, haven’t heard much about it this summer.

Newport with strong take out.

Be here next week to thank Hamlet for introducing YHC to Jerkins as he takes the Q.



2 thoughts on “Walkin’ on the Sun

  • August 22, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Rosalita me dijo que te dijera que realmente disfrutó el entrenamiento esta mañana, aunque Sauerkraut se quejaba todo el tiempo, pero eso es lo que se espera. Tal vez algún día él en realidad Q un entrenamiento en lugar de quejarse de María. Trataré de motivarlo a través de varios trucos mentales.

    • August 22, 2017 at 3:27 pm

      what the…..? Panda speaks and reads French. This should surprise no one.

      The most devastating casualty of back to school is the post-workout nap. I raced home to get 15 minutes in before I had to wake up my oldest at 7am for 9th grade orientation. Tomorrow will be back to 6:30 wake-up and the demise of the nap will be complete.

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