Winter is Coming

9 PAX got a little extra beauty sleep and posted for the penultimate edition of Summer’s finest Friday 0600 workout, #Corner Office.   Here is what we did:

COP for 20xSSH, 20xSquat, 20XMerkin, 20xMtn Climber, 20xIW.

Mosey to the bottom of the hill in Saint Gabe parking lot.  Partner up.  Partner #1, run to top of hill, 5 burpees.  Partner #2, 20 merkins, 15 crunches and 10 squats.   Repeato x 5.

Circuit around the St. Gabes lot, with 20 x Russian Twist, Run to steps, hops up steps, bear crawl walkway, 5 merkins on top rail, 5 merkins on middle rail and 5 on the deck.   Repeato x 3.

Mosey back to PUMC lot.  Wall sits with 15 x air presses, with donkey kicks and hip slappers between sets.

Circle up for Flutters, Heels to Heaven and Dollys.   COT.


Been a good run at Corner Office this Summer.   Think we have seen a high of 18 and a low of 9, with 10-15 most weeks.   And the mix of PAX has been great, with different guys joining us each week.  Always great to see PAX who don’t cross your path often, some of whom post at other workouts and some of whom have been on the sidelines recently.    Speaking of PAX you don’t see, Egypt joined us for the pre-workout fellowship and then proceeded to dash off for a run while we enjoyed our bootcamp.   He again lurked around the PAX at COT, but did not join us and vanished before the takeout.

GAAP proved he has been training hard for his new 9-man BRR team, as he and Scully were leading the way on the partner hill repeats.   Cartman and Fizz were in a good rhythm, pushing each other all morning.   Pesci and Duck Rabbit partnered up, deciding that size and speed do matter.

Thanks to Cartman for the takeout.  And special prayers to Lt. Dan and his battle with cancer.

Please join us for the final Corner Office of the Summer this Friday.   Shatner has the Q.

Blessed to have the chance to lead.


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