Gamucci Feelings Club

20 found the buzzer and posted for the early launch: 0515 at Gamucci. Sensei 6 Mike must have provided free tickets for premium seats as plenty of Original Redwood pax and near-Redwoods turned out in all-cotton get-it-on workout clothes.


  • Gaggle in darkness and wait for the whistle. Ready, set, let’s go.
  • Easy mosey to collect late arrivals and head for warm up COP with emphasis on merkins.
  • Make way to MPHS entrance road for partner work: no. 1 runs to gate for merkins pit stop while no. 2 thinks about running to gate. And, partner no. 2 does exercise while thinking. Repeat x2.
  • More partner work on Michael Baker Place for running and partner hand-slap merkins at intersections.
  • Bridge rails were correct spot for several sets of dips and derkins.
  • Down to the playground hole for less than six minutes of Mary and no O2.
  • Mosey out of hole and finish in the perfect plank.
  • COT.

Nekkid News

  • Chatter was consistent and varied. Sounded like a lot of talk about feelings, mismatched expectations, aspirational goals, wishing one had more feelings, etc. – the normal fare. Great F2 all the way.
  • Announcements: September 24th fundraiser 5K at McAlpine and September 8-9 for BRR.
  • Too many 53-year-olds to discern a war daddy and too many 49-year-olds to believe. Age shaving?
  • Four days short of doctor’s release, Rook presented with and performed with torn hamstring. All sports medicine providers love F3. How could they not? A constant pipeline of customers.
  • Cougar was in absolute best form with complaint, criticism, or check on every move.
  • Kit provided the excellent closing prayer followed by perfect pearls of wisdom of early F3, such as: “Yeah, we were stupider, then.” On target, cease fire.
  • Ain’t often in Metro CLT on Wednesday, so it was privilege and pleasure for your humble correspondent.
  • Until next time, gents: peace be with all of you.

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