8@8 Preblast: Greekfest 12.8K

Continuing the tradition of previewing race courses prior to the race, this week we’ll test-drive the Greekfest 5K route. Because it’s a 5K, we’ll actually run it twice, so you’ll really get to experience it. But, this also provides the opportunity to compare your first lap with the second, run one faster, or run them the same. All this talk about Greekfest has me craving a Gyro now.

Welcome to the Greekfest 12.8K … Here’s your turn by turn:

First 1.5:

  • Out of the lot, down Selwyn
  • Right down Sherwood
  • Right on Queens
  • Slight left/straight onto Granville
  • Right on Queens back to the Lot

Second 6.5

  • Down Hopedale
  • Left of Queens
  • Up East Blvd
  • Right on Park Road (* Loop 2 starts here)
  • First Left on Kingston
  • Left on Lyndhurst (and cross over East Blvd.)
  • Left on Worthington
  • Right on Dilworth Road West
  • Left on Dilworth Road East
  • Left on East Blvd. (or Right on East if it’s the end of loop 2)

* Repeat as noted above

After finishing the second loop, take a Right on East Blvd. and take it back to the lot the same way you came (via Queens to Hopedale).

Strava is now blocked at work (no idea why), but I’ll try to update this with a Strava link once I am able to get past the firewall.

5:15 for the full; 5:26 for the rest.


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