The Cavalry is Better Late Than Never

I’m counting 6 guys for this workout.  I’m counting 6.  So there.  If all 6 weren’t there for the /entire/ time, so what.  Six guys ran back to the AO from the parking deck, and 6 guys were in the COT.

If a guy sleeps in or fights with his morning “constitutional” for an extra 5 or 10 minutes, then sure, count him as a LIFO.  If a guy completes a different workout and then comes out of his way to join his buds a workout in progress?  Well, that guy gets full credit in my book.

Warmup in the parking lot:

20 ssh (YHC learned his lesson)

10 merkins

20 mountain climbers

10 merkins

20 IW

10 merkins

20 squats

10 merkins

20 russian twists

10 merkins

A funny thing happened on the way to the parking deck.  Not really.  We just ran to the parking deck stopping twice for flutter kicks, dips, and LBCs.

Then we ran to the parking deck and up the stairs to the top.  At the top we did 15 LBCs where you have your feet straight up on the wall and reach for your shoes.  I got that last Saturday from Tantrum.

Back down the stairs, the whole way to the bottom, and back up again. 20 of those high feet LBCs.

Pro tip:  It sounds weird, but when you have a sore foot, stairs a pretty great.  The heart rate goes as high as you want it to, but it doesn’t feel like a lot of pounding on the feet.

7’s at the ramp of the parking deck, with knee ups at the bottom, 10 jump squats every time you pass the middle, and Russian twists at the top.

Somewhere in there we picked up the cadre of ruckers that joined us late.

Down the stairs, out the door, across a brand new parking lot, and stop at the clock (that’s 4 minutes fast) on Randolph for dips and LBCs with your feet propped up.  Onward to the AO stopping one more time for flutter kicks.

Announcements: Get signed up for Whim’s church’s 5K on 9/24.  Lower price until the end of August.  If you’re NOT running the BRR, there is a 5K at the Music Factory that Saturday.  For someone like YHC it’s a good chance to place in my age group with most of F3 out of town.


Thanks Whim for the takeout.  Nailed it.

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