Don’t be Stupid

Two weeks ago, Dredd (or is it Dread), challenged the Pax with various military formation directions (Dress right, Exercise Formation, etc.). A less than stellar performance by the Pax but then there’s always next week.

Next week, deciphering directions from Doremi: For example, there was something about carrying a picnic basket from the picnic table to the stairs and then back to the picnic table without moving your feet and not letting the ants get to it. For the record, the picnic basket was not a basket, what was inside the basket did not appear to be either nutritious or even edible, there was NO danger of ants getting into it and why move it from the picnic table just to return it there?

SO……………. This week, since it clearly worked out so well the last two weeks, I decided to challenge the mental abilities of the Pax one more time. Unfortunately, My Sharona was not there. He would have remembered that Neon was the 10th element. And Tesla was not there as surely, he would have known that the tangent of 45 degrees is 1 and that the sine of 30 degrees is .5.

However, we got an impressive performance from Keefer who could sing the names, in order, of the first 42 presidents of the United States. He pulled that out of his memory bank from elementary school. Very well done. He did have to count on his fingers to figure out that Tyler was the 10th president. Rocketman gets extra credit for remembering the campaign slogan (Tippecanoe and Tyler too).

Little W was able to get very close to the number of theses Martin Luther nailed to the door of the church in Wittenburg (95) and someone, Valdez?, got very close to the number of years ago Martin Luther nailed the theses to the door (500).

Why the trivia? Because you will need it if you decide to read the rest of the backblast.

But before we discuss the beatdown, Rev pulled up in his BMW truck (in this case, BMW stands for Barely Mobile Werks) looking for the valet attendant. He couldn’t find the valet however, probably blinded by Valdez’ neon shirt. Skoal: you got to up your game. You’ve been outshone by Valdez.

Since the mental exercises where so strenuous, I decided to make it a No Bell day.

First exercises:

Warmups involving SSHs, some stretching, IWs, windmills, squats, etc. DT assisted with some stretching exercises from his semi-pro football days.

Next, we did X minutes of burpees: X means we counted presidents until we got to Tyler.

Next, to the playground. Three rounds of the following:

Pullups = to the atomic number of Neon

Step ups (each leg counts as one) = to the tangent of 45 degrees times 30

Heels to Heaven = to the sine of 30 degrees times 30

Next, to the top of the parking deck where we divided into teams of 2 partners. Partner one runs down one set of stairs, across to the other set up stairs, up the stairs and returns: Partner two does the exercise. Together, partners needed to complete:

Merkins = the number of theses Martin Luther nailed to the Wittenburg church door plus 5

Lunges (each leg counts as one) = 40% times the number of years since Martin Luther nailed the theses to the Wittenburg church door

Squats = 60% times the number of years since Martin Luther nailed the theses to the Wittenburg church door

Since we had an odd number Skoal, Traitor and I did the above times 1.5.

Actually, I pulled the plug with about 10 minutes to go and we headed for the wall. A little people’s chair along with some mumble-chatter about quad work. So we switched to balls to the wall and 10 toe taps in cadence.

Back to the start for warm-down consisting mostly of stretching with some SSHs, Windmills and boxcutters thrown in.

Welcome to My Little Friend who is not a usual participant at Core. Per Meatball, Hoedown has it next week and Meatball the following.


MIP: Rev is the Q today. Be sure to check MIP out.

Prayers for those in Texas exposed to Hurricane Harvey.

Rev provided the take out for the day.



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