First day of school

Yes, this is a picture of Frogger that his wife sent me. From a couple of years ago. #bighair

For most today is the first day of school. Thank goodness it felt like it too. For some it was just another day. For Ice-9 it was his birthday and his first time here. For all, it got tight. Whatever that means.


  • Mosey up East Blvd to Bad Daddy’s. COP. Windmill, Merkins, Carolina Dry Dock.
  • Mosey down Lombardy Cir to the shhhhh parking lot.
  • Crazy loops. Backwards down the parking lot, 10 x-fit merkins, karaoke the other side, 10 x-for merkins. 4 loops.
  • 150 LBCs OYY. Plank to wait. 2 munite plank.
  • To the tennis courts. Suicides. Suicides with burpees.
  • Mosey to the rock wall. 11s. Jump-ups and derkins.
  • Mosey to the front train lot. Belly sprints. several of them and then a last one and then another last one.
  • Backwards run to the stop sign. 10 burpees. 20 sumo-jump squats, 30 mini curb-dips.
  • Sprint home.
  • COT


  • I’m just back in the game for a few weeks now after an injury hiatus for a couple months. Nice to see that all the same fellas are there. Plus a guy names Jazzy Jeff.  He’s new to me.
  • Minneapolis is back after a long hiatus. All healed up and roaring to go. Wonderful to see you. Still pulling for the wrong team?
  • In case you didn’t know it, Sweeper Boy is the dark horse of mumblechatter. He doesn’t live his life in the mumblechatter limelight like Mayweather. He’s more of a silent workhorse in great suits like McGregor.
  • Probably the last person I would have expected to see this morning was Ice-9. Because he lives far away, he’s been injured, and he usually reserves himself for only the most brutal workouts. But it was great to see him. Out front as always.
  • I think I mentioned the nice weather this morning. F3 prime time is almost upon us boys. Those crisp fall mornings. There’s nothing like it.
  • Stogie, you run the workout with the best name in F3 like a well oiled machine. I respect that. Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Always glad to be able to do it.


  • Frogger has the Q next Monday. For everyone else. THERE IS NO BHM next Monday. Instead do this…
  • The Metro Labor Day Convergence will be on Monday, Sept. 4th @ Independence Park from 7-8 AM.

  • Thanks Matlock for bringing me a giant bag of running shoes for Fortitude at the Men’s Shelter. Always need gently used or new shoes and athletic wear. You can bring them to me or drop by the Men’s Shelter on Tryon. Tell the desk you have some F3 stuff and they will direct you to our storage closet.
  • Speaking of Fortitude. Please try and plan to make it to a Mission I’m Possible (every Saturday at ( AM at the Charlotte Rescue Mission) or Fortitude (every Tuesday at 5:30 AM at the Men’s Shelter on Tryon). Hard to believe that every week there are a group of homeless men and a group of alcoholic and drug addicts in recovery that come out and exercise with us. If you haven’t been, please come. I promise that they need you. But I promise even more that it will change you and your perspective on life. A miracle happens at both places every week.
  • Give to Give ends this week. Please help support the expansion of F3 to other cities. Help give other men the same gift you have been enjoying. Click on Give to Give above and do just that.
  • There are lots of other things I am forgetting out there. Participate, lead, give…make a difference. We are called to do so.
  • I’m Qing at Combine this Friday. Come on out for some kettlebells and sprints. They go together better than tequila and lime.


Thanks again everyone.

Until next time. 

Your friend,


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