The Dragon and the Wolf

Well that was a heck of a GOT Finale last night and it kept me up too late, but I am (spoiler alert) excited about the Dragon and the Wolf union… If the blue flames did not cause a restless night of sleep, worrying about whether I could challenge the varsity crowd at PWW sure did.

I was glad to to know that @Fish would be on the hills at #Mchorsey, wherever that is down near Monroe and @Foul Ball and @Swamp would be out because they decided they are too good for #BRR and had to fly all the way out to the west coast for a little van bonding.

I recruited my #Respect friend Hillary so at least I would not be the only old guy but sadly some heavy hitters like TML, Gandalf, Thin Slice, Nabisco and Frodo showed up.  How to challenge this crowd that included two studly looking PWW FNGs from Winston Salem and Alamance County (Ponch and SideOut) that were in town on business and staying up town?

I decided to rely on an old friend that can always help deliver a challenge – the #Muthaship. The Mutha, combined with some hills in Uptown, and numerous 6 count hand release plank jack merkins (do they have a name?) delivered the most I could muster.

The Thang:

Mosey (well maybe not really mosey) to the Mutha.

10x 6 count hand release plank jack merkins to demonstrate to the pax – this is a great Merkin exercise to ensure you not only completely lower your body but also that you fully raise your body as you have to in order to complete the plank jack #ifithurtyamightbeamerkincheater

Then – to the top of the Mutha, 10x hand release merkins with a plank jack, down to the arena staircase for partner wheelbarrows up the stairs – repeat for three circuits

When waiting for the six we avoided Mary and did diamonds, wide arms, and regular merkins.

Over to 3rd street and down the hill to Marshall Park and McDowell. Back up the hill and home stopping at every intersection for hand release merkins with a plank jack.

Got in about 4.7 miles and a boatload of merkins.


Always good to have visitors at PWW as it is jogging distance from the uptown hotels. Welcome all Ponch and Side Out hung with us like veterans (until we dropped Side Out at his hotel) not sure if he had an early meeting or just had enough of us at that point.

TML, Gandolph, Frodo, Nabisco, and Thin Slice led the way on the Mutha circuits. Thin Slice had the best stamina as he maintained the pace on the way home with the frequent intersection stops. LBJ was screaming about something on the downhill run but I have no idea what it was about. He has lived here for 20+ years and Hillary said he was worried about getting lost uptown.


Billingsville on Tuesday and AG on Thursday (4:30pm) cranking back up. Monkey Feet has details if you can spare an hour for some kids.

Labor Day convergence at Independence Park – home of Indy and Ranger

Last week for Give 2 Give – dig deep

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