Glad there is a hospital near by

11 dudes got out for some WIB action…here is what the @realdeal has to say about it..

The thang

Up East Blvd, right on Scott, down Scott To Romany to CMC parking deck. Upstairs to top of deck where we hung out.

Partner up. Partner A runs length of deck while Partner B does exercises. The switch. Mixed in running the stairs and running the ramps.

Exercises were merkins, wide arms, stagger right, dry docks, Russian twists, squats, j lo’s, knee ups, peter parkers. Back to lot.

4 miles.

The moleskin

This workout is on auto pilot ever since Uncle took over. Light crowd today because of either the misty rain or the lack of preblast. Good to see Ricky Bobby back at work. Bad hamstring and too much fartsacking was his excuse. He seemed as good as he was the last time I saw him. Doc came to his first boot camp in months and took the VT with his partner Caesar. Unfortunately, the VT will not be recognized because Doc didn’t come to COT. He just peeled off and ran home. No good byes, just vamanos.

The CMC parking deck roof was a nice change of pace today. Lots of fresh air, cool rain and a long sprint in between exercises. Doobie and Santa Maria were giving love to everyone this am. 100% effort. Hammer was back at it grinding through the monotony of 37 sprints. Teaser Pony never complains and just keeps chopping wood. WIB was sloppy seconds for Tommy Lee as he had planned to ride today but the rain scared him away. Cuba Libre pushed it hard coming back up Scott and home for COT. Snookie was the only guy wearing a baseball cap and also seemed to be enjoying the view.


Lots of prayers flowing to our brothers and sisters in Houston. Also, make it a point to tutor at Billingsville or AG this year. It’s been going on for 5+ years and we are making a huge difference. Maybe a way to pay it forward for the free F3 love thrown your way. Awesome crew today and I am grateful for you guys. Thx for the keys Uncle and Waco.


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