Sort of like Sisyphus

21 pax out today.

The thang:

Novelty warm up – Leg swings, side lunges. Very popular – we will definitely keep this up. Run 1+ mile to corner of Chelsea/Wales.

Hills 1 – Up Chelsea, left on Dellwood, finish at Hillsdale. Jog Hillsdale and down Wales. Repeat x3 (plus a partial 4th for some). Jog over to Chelsea/Tranquil.

Hills 2 – Up Tranquil to Hillsdale, return to bottom. Repeat x3 (or partial 3rd rep). Long jog over to Hillside – far side of creek.

Hills 3 – Up Hillside to Haven, back down. Up Hillside to Willow Oak. Jog over and down Devon to Mar Vista Circle.

Hills 4 – Up Devon to Willow Oak x4. Long jog over to Westfield/Brandywine intersection.

Hills 5 – One time up Brandywine to Selwyn. Cool down jog back to AG.


All uphill intervals this week. Recovery jogs were relatively brisk at times. Moving to different hills allows for good recovery before the next one.

Impressive efforts all around. Good cluster of pax (by that I mean large group – not referring to inability to follow instructions which is usually the issue) near the front. People are ready for BRR. Speaking of which, Disney needs one more team member to round out his group. Contact him directly if interested.

Someday I’ll get commissions for selling newsletter subscriptions. Read it. If you love it share it. If you don’t, well then start writing and contribute to making it more impactful (spell check does not like that word).

Speed For Need – New video from Greek Festival 5k. As I mentioned in COT, if you previously donated to SFN, you will know that you got your money’s worth when you see the video. Check out the inaugural race video as well. More importantly, find a way to get involved. Commit to run at least one race with SFN this year. The calendar is on SFN web site. Hopebuilder’s 5K with FiA is a great place to start – read pre-blast and register.

Other SFN events coming up:

Race for the Cure/Heather’s Heros – Ice9’s family takes a personal struggle and turns it into an effort to raise up others. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Marine Corps Marathon – Owen and I are a one team show for this out of town event. First marathon for the F3 SFN chair. Support Owen and MDA.


Labor Day convergence at Indy – 7AM. Pre-blast includes Q-list. It’s gonna be a beat down.

Next week is “track” work but we will be off campus on Carnegie/Congress loop.

Last, several pax are good about volunteering to Q SIB when I am out. Otherwise I’ve been taking it every week since we lost Reddogs to biking and Freeloader to old age (I know! total ageism on my part!). It’s not really the F3 style to have one guy Q every single week (in fact, there are cautionary tales on this topic in the apocrypha). Anyway, I’m not going signupgenius or demand that anyone Q, but let me know if you are willing to take a week. You can even mess with the format (a little) if it suits. Remember, the Q’s authority is not derived from speed, strength or even mental stability (I’ve been to a Rev Florida Q). Every single man on today’s pax list can Q SIB – just step up and do it.

Thanks to Checkpoint for today’s take out.


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  • August 29, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    Nice Q today Nash. Couple of things –

    •. Think that was PBO out there and not Cracker.
    •. You departed the workout rather quickly when I asked for BRR free agents. Getting tired of telling everyone no?

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