International Day at Ranger

12 for International day at Ranger:

Quick mosey around the east side of Indy Park (with a quick detour due to the cluster F*$k that is the trolley construction) with 5 burpees x 4

Head to the tennis courts for 22’s with merkins and jump squats

Over to the Castle for an old school Inigo Montoya – 7x up to the top with escalating burpees on the 8th floor

Random Mary at the top, back down to the bottom plank to regroup, then AYG back to COT



CMD is worried about the numbers at Ranger lately, so he had to import some migrants to pad the numbers.  25% of the PAX were from out of town with Side Out, Chips, and Ponch visiting from various NC sites.

Not a lot of creativity out there today, was trying to bring back the glory days of Ranger where it was a weekly exercise in metaphorical murder both physically and verbally. The workout held its own, but the chatter was lacking.  The only person really talking was Snoop whose incoherent ramblings couldn’t get the 1 Incognition in attendance started.

Corner Office was back from who-knows-where with a strong performance, lots of other notables as well.  That 6 & 7th time up the castle will bite you.


You’ve got about 12 hours left to donate to the Give2Give campaign (although I’m sure the money will still be good in September)

Billingsville & AG tutoring/mentoring programs are about to start, look for more info coming out soon

Check out what’s going on over at Pretty inspiring stuff

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